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  1. Really cool to see some testing, looks like a winner to me! Excellent blade Walter. Peter
  2. 9 1/4" blade with 416 stainless guard and a damascus ferrule. Gemsbok bone handle dyed by Culpepper and a cool butt plug fit into the hollow end. Sheath has a raised rattle snake panel. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  3. Very nice! Love the bling on it. Peter
  4. Beautiful, excellent combination of textures and materials. Perfect! Peter
  5. Very insightful, educational and worth watching,(wish I could say that more often), you and Kevin did a wonderful job. Peter
  6. Awesome blades, your talent know no bounds.......... Peter
  7. Finished up a nice hunter with ladder pattern damascus blade, Mokume guard and butt cap and some colorful walrus ivory. Sheath is wet formed Cape buffalo hide with a goat skin liner, very pleased with the resulting color combo. This one and a few other new ones will be on my table at the Northern Lakes Knife Show this coming weekend at the Holiday Inn in Janesville WI. Its a great 2 day show, Friday noon to 8 and Saturday 8AM to 2PM. Thanks for taking a look and hope to see you at the show. Peter
  8. Very impressive, thats alot of work on alot of sword.......NICE! Peter
  9. Very nice, super clean. Peter
  10. Thanks Dave, I wish I had a Pantograph, no I do it old school. Mark and cut out the center hole via dremel and drills, then undercut the inside with a manual Enco drill/mill. Takes precission machining to a whole new level(not!) Peter
  11. Here is a commissioned piece I finished up today, 7" Ladder pattern damascus blade, wrought iron and Nickel damascus guard and skull crusher pommel and twisted nickel silver wire over a maple handle. Sheath is a frog style, velvet lined wood insert, covered with veggie tanned cow hide. Knife and sheath can be removed from the frog which would stay on your belt. A neat option if the circumstance ever calls for it. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  12. That is outstanding Ray, beautiful job! Peter
  13. Fresh off the bench, I finished this one today for the upcoming Northern Lakes Knife show here in Wisconsin. This is a commissioned piece I hope the owner will be as pleased as I am, twist mosaic damascus blade with a stainless and Opal thumb stud. The frame is 144 layer nickel and wrought iron and the spring is 180 layer nickel and 1095 random. Titanium liners keep everything still and backs the black lip pearl underlays. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  14. Yowza, those are impressive JD, really nice stuff, all the way around. Peter
  15. Very cool! Looking forward to see more of this WIP. Peter
  16. Stunning work, repeating it is a true test of control and artistry. I always enjoy seeing your work. Peter
  17. Very nice Ray, I like them all. Peter
  18. Excellent photos, I know first hand how frustrating photography can be and your choice of back grounds and positioning are first class. Peter
  19. Spectacular work, clean and curvy. Peter
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