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  1. Those are really nice, should last a life time. Peter
  2. Beautiful knife Karl, excellent material choice. Peter
  3. I was shooting for a valve handle and I got a little carried away, I turned it down from a bar of copper and colored it with liver of sulfer. It pretty much was a surprise for me(?) but I think it works. Thanks, Peter
  4. Thanks Ray, yes I had made 2 and sold them both at the Blade show, hoping that'll continue for these. Peter
  5. Fresh off the bench, thanks for taking a look. Peter
  6. Ready for the Blade, I need a nap! Thanks for taking a look and if your at the Blade show, please stop by and say Hi. Peter
  7. I like the look of that one, classic and fearsome... Peter
  8. Freakin awesome! No other discription needed........................... Peter
  9. Beautiful and impressive, great job as always. Peter
  10. Really nice Ray, I like the bronze fittings and the way you finished them, matches well. Peter
  11. WOW! Thats a saw worthy of royalty. Excellent work. Peter
  12. I've built this one as well using Bog Oak and sterling, I've studied a few old examples and it seems the makers of these were very talented people using little or no power tools. Some of the examples date back to the early 1800's and are really impressive given the lack of technology. Thanks for the kind words, Peter
  13. Its a folder, you depress the tab on the back, pull out the folded knife, open and re-install the blade/liners back thru the handle. A very old design from Finland or Sweden(not sure). Its not a one handed operation but its really fun to build. Peter
  14. Stabilized Kauri wood handle, titanium liners, mosaic blade and sterling silver end caps. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  15. I'll be there, its a great time with a bunch of great people. Peter
  16. Been a while so I thought I'd share a recent hawk, damascus, Birdseye maple, silver wire and ivory. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  17. I've switched over to West Marine epoxy system and couldn't be happier. It'll cost $100 for the material plus the pump tops for it but its really worth it in the long run. Much better quality than other epoxy locally available, just my .02 Peter
  18. Very nice, I like the material choices. Peter
  19. Had this little one between liners for some time, so I got ambitous and finished it with Black Lip pearl and some cool bolsters. Titanium liners and a damascus spring make up the rest of it. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  20. Thanks Dave, your spot on. The steel is 1084 and the skull figure is taken from a photo from the TV show "Sons of Anarchy". The bolsters are end slices of the bar and the blade is twist accordian to give the skulls a flying effect. Peter Here is a closer look at the bolsters
  21. Decided to make something a little on the fun side, mosaic and pearl with a little black opal for effect. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
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