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  1. Sorry but no recurve , I'm a lowly cable man. I currently shoot a Matthews Z7 Extreme set at 70# . I also just picked up an older Excalibur Exocet crossbow because I have some recuring tendonitis in my drawing shoulder so I wouldn't be dead in the water during deer season. The Z7 has a 3 arrow quiver filled with Goldtips and 2 blade Rage broadheads.
  2. Well seasons greetings, great knife Gary . It all came together and celebrates the season with great lines and scrim to boot, well done
  3. Sounds like a great project. good luck with it and i'm pretty sure you are going to love it when it is finished.
  4. Well that certainly will look a little differant for a while. Sorry to hear it but the up side is it only hurts like hell for a while and then doesn't work very well and gets cold easier from now on and ... oh well you get the point. Hope your feeling better soon.
  5. Allen I have enjoyed your seminar at Rons and these hawks are great. Thanks for showing.
  6. Very similar to northern ontario. Our neighbors at the cottage are swedish and bought here for the similarity. Hmmmm , that means big ass mosquitos and black flys to I'm guessing.
  7. Yeah , "MUNDANE" , Hmmmmm not so much. Clean texture to the material ,crisp lines to the grind, nicely grained and great colour to the wood. Beautiful piece all around Robert , thanks for showing it.
  8. Alan, great looking hawk. And as a good and loyal colonist I couldn't help but notice the background is a union jack in wood, cool.
  9. I use two part epoxy. Starting at one end brush a little on the ito and then use a heat gun to impregnate the wrap . The epoxy will turn watery and spread evenly throughout the fibres . When it sets up it will leave the wrap looking like nothing was put on it and without a plasticy or sticky feel. Key is to not apply to much of the epoxy.
  10. Great looking knife Jeff, Just imagine those makers of yesteryear if they were around today. Hmmmm... maybe they are. All I know is this style of cutlery has character.
  11. You can actually walk a cat? Hmmmm Our cats wouldn't give me the time of day let alone walk them. Great colours with the leaves Alan, Our leaves are pretty much done for this year.
  12. I always look forward to your next showing Gerhard and this doesn,t disappoint. Well done.
  13. Great photos Matt and the composition is well thought out. But!!!! next time maybe dial the campfire back a notch or two
  14. Yeah, moving north has a tendancy to accelerate the snow in fall and prolong it in the spring. Funny how that is, eh Karl? As long as you like ice fishing all is good.
  15. Beautiful knife Tonn. Very well executed.
  16. Hey Zeb , I'm looking forward to see your progress . post lots of pics will ya?
  17. WOW! Ray I'd call that steppin it up a notch. Very nice. That walrus has great colour to it. Notice the canadian foreign language here "colour" . Anyways, well done.
  18. Hi Morgan, try and hunt down an old gas fired water heater. The blower on them are sufficient for your blown forge. Usually the scrap yard or local dump will have them kicking around. Paul
  19. Gotta love free stuff. Funny how a pc. like this always ends up being more sentimental to you than if you had paid $800 for it brand new and you are scared to scratch it. I have three leg vises of differant sizes and vintages and the most I paid was $35 but each one has a story and memory other than a credit card bill in the mail. Congrats on a great find Zeb.
  20. congratulations on this piece selling Jeff . Get back to work now.
  21. Wow , this answers a lot of newbee questions as to where you possibly start. Very generous Tom , Thank you.
  22. Hey Zeb, great meeting you at Kevins place. It looks like you had good success with your Smelt. I look forward to seeing how the rest of the refinement goes for you. Best of luck, because we all know when it works out you don't have to explain to your wife why it seemed to be a good idea at the time.
  23. Nothing like buying a new toy for yourself Sam. No disappointment of the "wrong One" or crap you don't need.Congrats on the new baby in the shop, I'm sure it will get along with all the others in there.
  24. Hey Jeff did you try Parks thermal in Georgetown ont. for salts , their website had a variety of temperature range products. www.parkthermal.com/
  25. While I'm forging its pretty much just AC/DC because the disc changer won't open.
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