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  1. I'm speechless; that is WAY cool!
  2. Wicked PISSA is all I have to say about that knife.
  3. That's a REALLY neat shape; looks like you could cut for hours.
  4. Gorgeous is pretty much all that needs be said.
  5. I love the shape; keep up the good work! ^what Noah said^ Pitting is a pain sometimes.
  6. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your work.
  7. Excellent work and a gorgeous hamon! I especially love that you quote Conan's father. Crom laughs at the four winds; laughs on his mountain!
  8. I really like the lines of it; it looks like it would be a comfortable knife to use but it's also elegant in it's shape. Nice work!
  9. They both look great! My great-uncle used to do Lewis and Clark reenactment; he would definitely approve .
  10. Love it; the copper really sits well with the coloration of the antler.
  11. Gorgeous; that's all that needs be said.
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