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  1. Hi Fellas. I made this one with my friend Ricardo Lelli (he made the handle). The damascus has 2 twited 120 layers damascus bars, and O1 edged. Price: U$S 500 (+mail) Saludos and thanks Mariano
  2. Hi folks. This is my pocket knife model. Has twisted damscus blade and O1 edged. thuya handle The blade is 4" long With lather sheath U$S 300 Saludos Mariano
  3. Hi folks Ihave this 8" blade Nessi for sale! 1/8" thickness O1 hand forge blade. Lapacho handle (hard wood) leather Sheath Price: U$S 120 (+15 mailing) Saludos
  4. Thanks! The sheath was made of lather and wet formed Saludos Mariano
  5. Hi. This is a small dagger that I made whit in colabortion with a friend, Ricardo Lelli. Blade: high contrast damascus steel. Handle: Gabon ebony and silver nickel Blade length: 5,5" Handle length: 4" Price: $500 (plus shipping) Mariano
  6. Hi Jacob. The tang gos 4" in to the bone, and is fill with epoxy. Saludos Mariano
  7. Hi. This one has 52100 hand forge blade, deer handle, and leather sheath. I take the idea from a Fur Trade book. Blade: 6" Handle: 5,5" Price: U$S140 (+shipping)
  8. I like very much to see how others test their knives, I also I do mine test. This it is a video of tests that I did to a blade. This is the link http://www.mgugliotta.com.ar/video2.htm Mariano
  9. Hi, this is my recent work. The blade was forged in tiwsted damascus and the handle was made in one piece of Guayubira wood. Is like a frcition folder with a little Italian flavor :-) Saludos Mariano
  10. Thanks a lot. The handle have just polished bone finish. Saludos Mariano
  11. Hi this is my resent work. 52100 hand forge blade the handell is will pig bone and cooper. The sheath was made in cow lather. Hope you like it. Saludos Mariano
  12. Thanks! "Della sicilia" was a joke, my family come to Argentia from sicilia, but yes Piamonte is close to "mountain man". Saludos Mariano
  13. thank you very much! Non è di Pieamonte è della Sicilia Saludos Mariano
  14. Hi, this is my last folder. The blade was forged in o1 and 3310 damascus. Handell red dear stang. Hope you like it. Mariano
  15. muy buen trabajo Victor, te felicito! Saludos Mariano
  16. thanks to everybody are great to be here ! Saludos Mariano
  17. This is my version of a Malayan Kris. Saludos Mariano
  18. This hapen a few weeks ago in my father shop. The blade is a Tameshigiri sword that he forge years ago, the gun is a Colt 45. this is the video http://img67.imageshack.us/my.php?image=45vskatanaan1.swf Saludos Mariano
  19. Edgar if you use only O1 and w1 you will not get much contrasts. One of my favorite damascus "mix" is O1 and 5160. Is very cool, and hard. The 5160 is easy to achieve and is cheaper than L6. Ok the contrast is no like L6 but works great. thanks to all for the commentaries Saludos Mariano
  20. I like all congratulations! Saludos Mariano
  21. Thanks Edgar. W1 is one of my favorite steel for damascus. Other that I use a lot is O1, but is a little harder to weld:-), but the final result is very good in beauty and hardness. Saludos Mariano
  22. Si claro, no en Buenos Aires, seria tan dificil de conseguir como en NY :-) Saludos Mariano
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