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  1. JJ Simon

    Grinding Clipped Point Bevels

    Great video.
  2. This is a modification of the Monkey tail tong that will allow you to hold axes, hawks and hammer eyes securely while working. I have two pair ready right now. $50 shipped CONUS
  3. JJ Simon

    Blade Smith Tongs.

    I'm glad to ship to the UK. I need your address to check shipping. Thanks,
  4. JJ Simon

    Blade Smith Tongs.

    They are $50 shipped CONUS
  5. I have tongs back in stock. Hurry and get them now before I run out. These are bladesmithing tongs. 1-1.25" flat bar. I will also have a limited run of axe eye tongs coming up. PM me if interested.
  6. I have 20 sets of Monkey Tail flat bar tongs. The best bladesmith tong you can use. $50 shipped CONUS. Message me here to buy.
  7. This knife is excellent!. I'm interested in what grit you finished the blade at.
  8. JJ Simon

    FLat bar tongs for sale.

    I have 12 sets of tongs for sale right now for anyone who is interested.
  9. JJ Simon

    Bolt tongs.

    Sorry its on my FB account. Not here. I was mistaken.
  10. JJ Simon

    Bolt tongs.

    Making tongs is a very good blacksmithing exercise. The ability to forge offsets, taper properly, keep things in the parent dimension and the rest are all very good skills to have. Learn how to use your anvil for half face blows and use the bick to draw out material quicker and work hot. Also tongs have a lateral offset too. So when you forge them and put them together as a test fit you'll notice they don't line up. The bit and its shank need to kick to one side. What I do is lock the boss in the vice with the bit facing down, grab the bit with a set of tongs and keep it in the center line and then hit the shank to the left with the cross peen. I do this with both sides of the tong and both to left while facing down. That way when you flip the part to match its sister both bits should be close to lining up. Once they are riveted you open them all the way then lock the boss in the vice again from the top and bottom not from the sides and align the bits together. Then grab a piece of the size stock the tong should hold. Lock the bit and the stock in the vice and open your reigns to the right amount for you to have a tight but comfortable grip. I have a thread on here somewhere of building a set of bladesmiths tongs that show it all.
  11. JJ Simon

    Bolt tongs.

    So you can see with these that they are tapered and the corners are broken producing an octagon that is flater on the sides and bottoms but the corners are flat too.https://www.ballardforge.com/tools And you can see clearly here that the corners are broken and see the tapers begin. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/368802656978115111/
  12. JJ Simon

    Bolt tongs.

    You're still going to draw the stock down but it should be easier at 3/8x1 than at the dimension you had. You can find a steel yard near you and they should carry that dimension. The point is that the boss is left basically 1x1x3/8 then you draw the reighn at a taper to the end from the boss so it goes from say half inch at the shoulder of the boss to 1/4 at the end of the reign and the leg that goes to the bit is also half by 3/8 and the bit is left in the full dimension of 1.25x1x3/8 So the bit and the boss stay in the parent dimension. and the leg to the bit stays the same thickness and the reign tapers. You keep it forged square and at the end break the corners and basically forge the reign to an octagon. This makes a more comfortable grip and leaves no sharp corners and you can do this with every part by just knocking the corners in a little so its attractive and more finished looking.
  13. JJ Simon

    Bolt tongs.

    A viable starting stock size is 1x3/8x9" Leave the boss at the parent stock size. Layout everything with center punch marks before you begin forging.
  14. JJ Simon

    1771 Spanish Sword recreated

    So that means that the wire wrap is under the metal ribs and also begin and terminate in blind holes?
  15. JJ Simon

    1771 Spanish Sword recreated

    That's amazing. Question. How are the steel ribs on the handle held on?