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  1. JJ Simon

    1771 Spanish Sword recreated

    So that means that the wire wrap is under the metal ribs and also begin and terminate in blind holes?
  2. JJ Simon

    1771 Spanish Sword recreated

    That's amazing. Question. How are the steel ribs on the handle held on?
  3. JJ Simon

    W-2 Rounds

    I'd buy one. What does it weigh?
  4. JJ Simon

    Suitable axe handle material?

    Figured maple or figured hickory is going to be your best bet. Axes need to have strong wood for handles. You can look up each wood you're interested in based on the Janka scale which is wood hardness. You can compare each wood to hickory which is the American standard for axes and hammers. Maple is a bit softer. But still very functional. You also need to consider the ability to source a long enough and wide enough piece of wood for the job. Some exotics are actually fairly priced but finding them in actual boards is difficult.
  5. JJ Simon

    Rhynowet Redline, oil or water?

    Its funny. I love rhino wet. Especially their 500 grit paper. I've used it wet and dry. Wet, I use black magic tire wet which as I understand it is liquified propane. And it works well. But I have used it dry for a while now and since paper should be treated like its free. I use it dry till I feel it stop cutting. Its actually very effective dry.
  6. JJ Simon

    Removing rust

    That's very fair.
  7. JJ Simon

    Bandsaw Hydraulic?

    Check Mcmaster carr. They have all kinds of cyclinders.
  8. JJ Simon

    Removing rust

    I'd put it on the grinder. And then slightly convex the bottom third. This will allow for decent food break. Save you time and effort that unless you're being paid you don't really need to be doing. The cracking near the bolster, is it the wood near the bolster? If the wood is messed up I'd heat the whole piece in the oven to 400 and remove the wood and epoxy and make a new handle. If you take it apart you can regrind with ease. Machine finish it and reassemble.
  9. JJ Simon

    Removing rust

    Yeah, that's shitty. I'm assuming the bolster and handle are still tight on the knife. If not it would be easier to disassemble and regrind. And I wouldn't return it hand finished. They'd get a A45 trizac finish with scotchbrite over it.
  10. JJ Simon

    Removing rust

    You can get the rust off with a number of chemicals but the finish is toast. Because the rust will have pitted the steel.
  11. JJ Simon

    Couple of questions on files..And epoxy

    I would suggest Bahco files from Portugal. They are the best file I have used. Get a double cut bastard file 8-10" As far as epoxy goes. West systems G flex. Long work time and super strong.
  12. This is a very good start. I have a couple suggestions. Polish your tool ends. They will make cleaner strikes. Ultimately the leather you want to work with is vegetable tanned tooling leather. IDk what you have but it worked out. Usually with veg tanned you wet, let dry till cool to the touch and then work.
  13. JJ Simon

    Hamons before and after quench

    An angle grinder and moderately nice files can do a world of work. We have pinned plans for a grinder and you can have the parts cut pretty cheap and bolt it together. Get a decent C frame motor and go to town. You can build that grinder for probably $400
  14. JJ Simon

    Hamons before and after quench

    I agree with Alan