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  1. As I had mentioned in a previous post, I work at a motorbike shop. Next door to us is a high performance engine shop that builds racing engines for stock cars. I was told by one of the guys that I can have any of their steel in the garbage barrel - full of valve springs, valves, pistion pins etc. Is there any of these that would be useful in forging billets? Opinions?
  2. Has anyone here experimented/worked with 4140 steel? What were the results, pitfalls etc. if it is possible to use this at all for knife making?
  3. I live back on Vancouver Island after a 1 year stint living down in Mexico. I am also aware of the troubles in finding a good steel supply. Metal Supermarkets - I stopped bothering with them because of the Special Order 'prices'. I used to buy from Victory Spring (1095) here in Victoria to make Salish woodcraving blades. The stuff they supplied me with was absolutely amazing, however, it came at a price. I spent 18 bucks on a 6x1x1/32!! Working now on a spring steel (VW steel) blade that I'll be posting pics of sson. Friends up here that are all metalworkers have told me I'm in for some headaches trying to find small suppliers up here. I tried ebay and there's one seller that always has 1095 in different gauges (lists them all at 18 inches) I've sent him a couple messages inquiring into longer lengths and have still had no response. I'll keep you updated as I go. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I work at a motorbike shop and have started gathering old worn out chains - the connecting pins and roller bearings in them seem like some real nice stuff. Just have to burn off the o-rings in them. Cheers Bradford
  4. After seeing this post a few days ago I realized I was sitting on a gold mine!!! I work at the local motorbike shop where we're constantly changing sprockets, bearings AND chains. Just got my hands on on a serious chain today - thrown out - and have it soaking overnight in solvent. Going to wire wheel off the bits of rust and put it aside for whe the time comes..............now to watch out for more steel supplies....muah ha ha
  5. Just finished my heat treating on 2 spring blades. One came out with a "bubbly" like texture on the surface and the other not. Hope it's not too basic a question, but is the texture normal or is it a sign of overheating?
  6. Awesome!! It reminds me somwhat in its' essence of a "banana" chopper used by SOG special forces during the wars in South East Asia- not the same shape but definately the same idea. Was hoping to see how you finished off the tying of the knots (out the other side) as I`m doing pretty much the same finish on a hunting knife and was trying to figure out the best way to tie them off. Dang cleaver has inspredme to go down the street to the butcher and fire upmy BBQ :notworthy:
  7. I`ve been using a 9 inch bastard file to domost of my draw filing. I found that when I would cross file (if thats what you call it) I developed a rythm and was able to set the file down in the same spot- a sort of feel as I set the file back down and with light pressure I would start the motion, same direction until the teeth would grab and then I`d bear down. The end result was a very uniform parallel set of deep lines (as deep as the cutting teeth would allow. If I can find where my 6 year old has hiddenmy camera I will try andtake some pictures ofmy nextproject at that stage so you can see
  8. Just a note to highlight the invasion of "crap" I lived here 9 years ago. The city I believe has a population nearing three quarters of a million. At the time, they had just opened their first McDonalds. There were no other fast food chains, nor large department stores. Jump to..... Today. 4 McDonalds, 1 Burger king, 1 KFC, Countless Subways, 1 Carls Jr Burgers, Endless Domino`s pizza`s, 1 Walmart, 1 Sam`s, 1 Costco, 1 Home Depot, 2 Office Depots, 1 Liverpool (don`t know if they exist outside of here but DAMM are they ever expensive) 2 Sears with integrated Pier 1. The list goes on and on and on. And do you think the employees get fair wage (equivalent to back home) YOU GUESSED IT. NOT A CHANCE All Delta products for example at Home Depot cost the same OR more (luxury tax) I buy all my stuff at the local smaller shops as they risk getting chooked out by the big boys. Sorry if I ran off topic. I guess it`s OK though since I started this thread Only eaten once at McDonalds since my arrival - 7 months ago - as 1 dollar buys me 5 tacos in the street! I recently bought 12 pounds of "homemade/handmade" charcoal from a little old guy for 4 bucks, not sure if it was a good deal or a really good deal, any opinions?
  9. The stuff has been cutting like butter, will just wait and see how it hardens for me. What are the chances of carbon loss in a situation like the one I used (leaving steel in the hot coals overnight)?
  10. Sooooo, moving to Mexico, check. Baggage and plane ticket in hand, check. Leaving all tools behind in storage......ummmm................Didn`t think I`d miss them so soon. Anyways, No tools (not MY tools and No Tools=no blower), fired up some charcoal last night to treat some 5160. Again, No Tools=no blower. Grabbed first thing in mind that would work - A little 5 inch fan my wife uses (you know where this is going) in the summer here. Found out later it`s actually my mother in-laws. Wife comes outside around the corner where I`m giving a demonstration to a friend and sees little fan in hand. Say`s, "I sure hope that doesn`t melt (in Spanish of course)" To which I reply, "No, don`t worry dear" and in that very instant I turn it around just to make sure and wouldn`t you know, the front is melting and paint on the steel guards is peeling. So, my back hurts like a donkey hauling tequila off to market after spending the night in doghouse. Oh yeah, the steel turned out A.W.E.S.O.M.E
  11. Would I get the same results in annealing 5160 by leaving it overnight in coals or burying it vermiculite. I figure that the coals will keep the temp dropping slow enough. Anyone ever tried this, and apologies for kicking the proverbial deadhorse
  12. I just got back from the local market here down in Mexico and picked up 11 pounds of pine charcoal for 4 bucks. I figured that was a pretty good deal. Also got my hands on a couple of leaf springs (it`s all I can still find right now) Both are an eith inch thick by 2" by 20" and cost me another 4 bucks. I figure I`m doing pretty good as down here I`m quite fair skinned and blonde compared to most and unfortunately when they see me coming $$$$$$(peso) signs start going off and I usually have to work hard at getting the real price from people. Will be annealing tonight and showing a friend how its done as he wants to watch the whole process as I make his knife. Will post pics as progress moves along. Some really exotic woods can be found down here and I`ll pass those along too. Changing subject. In regards to using horn, domost use buffalo horn or have others used good old steer horn as well. The reason I ask is that there is a slaughter house here and they huck the horns in the garbage - would be nice if they work well. Hasta luego!
  13. One thing that I`m really looking forwardto is the somewhat endless supply of charcoal that goes by my house everyday. I actually watch old men pass by with their burrows stacked with gunnysacks full of pine charcoal AND from the last time I bought it (for my BBQ) its cheap!!!! Going tomorrow to a couple local suspension shops to see what they have. There`s also a huge steel factory on the outskirts of the airport towards theport city so when I swing by there I think I`ll go by there and see what they have
  14. sorry, i screwed up and apologize for such a large picture file
  15. We went to the coast last Sunday for a day of shore fishing, lunch and hot hot gulf coast sun. We hit 4 different beaches and made a nice stay in Villa Rica. Villa Rica is a small quiet fishing village and greets you with coconut vendors, fishing nets hanging under palapas to dry off and a nice northern breeze. Villa Rica also happens to be where Hernan Cortez first set foot in the Americas during the Conquest. Interesting about Villa Rica is that about 2 miles back from the beach the ground rises up sharply - a monolithic mountain. The Totonacs found a level plain on the side and built there ceremonial pyramids and altars. The site is called Quiahuiztlàn. So here`s a photo of the mountain and a few tombs in all their glory. It`s very peaceful and extremely hot with stunning views of the ocean. Amazing too to think what the Totonacas were thinking when they saw the ships anchoring off shore
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