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  1. That's about as official as it gets! Yep, I plan on being there with bells on. Now... they have a list of demos out yet? Thanks.
  2. Thanks Dale, the Tannehill state park calendar has it on April 9-11, 2010. Looking forward to being able to spend the whole time there this year.
  3. The Bama forge council site says Batson's is April 1-4 this year. That's Easter weekend and i can't imagine that they're holding it then. Does anyone know if this is correct? Will
  4. I was informed today at work that my department is working Friday and Saturday so we can have a long weekend for Easter Sorry guys.
  5. Doctor Jim, I would suggest squinting, that's always worked to engage the Japanese half of my genetic mixture.
  6. Lovely pictures..... I'm just thinking of all that meat on legs.... yummmmmm
  7. WOW!!!! Do I need to say anything else? WOW!!!
  8. Looks great to me... I argue with the reenactors about the whole antiquing thing. The knives WEREN"T antiques then!!!! arrrrrggghhhhhh I do love your knive though, looks great!
  9. Charlie I would hope a maintenance guy would know SOMETHING about electricity
  10. Charlie does good work but he has a very good background, he used to be a pool cue maker
  11. Charlie, that looks great! If you've got your stencils in, you're more than welcome to come by and use my etcher. I can't wait to handle this one.
  12. Really cool stuff... what'd you make the puppy out of?
  13. I'll bet it gets the wrinkles out of those clothes behind it pretty fast too
  14. But you moved away.... perhaps the cold weather affects the region of the brain that appreciates big clouds of black smoke and flame
  15. Like many things that are misunderstood it can be summed up with, "It's a Southern Thang, y'all wouldn't understand" I like exciting, explosive events as long as they're planned. I have a buddy with an 8# black powder mortar he built, he shoots it during the Spring and Fall. It's really fun except trying to recover the concrete projectiles (we usually just make a half hearted attempt). Explosive welding (according to the some show I saw) is used to join very dissimilar materials together. I think they use it to make up a lot of the armor plating in current use. Really neat to watch..
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