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  1. I can see that point. These were to a client’s specs. Thanks.
  2. Pair of utilities ready for sheath & sharpen. 4” blades, 9” overall. Blades are O1 and guards are stainless. Handles are stabilized Illinois Walnut Crotch. Thanks for looking.
  3. Small tomahawk I’m wrapping up. Just needs a few more coats of tru oil. Mild steel & 80crv2. Curly maple handle. 2” edge & 13 1/2” overall. Need to make some kind of edge protector or belt sheath for it but am drawing a blank. Any suggestions? Thanks for looking.
  4. I recently redid my shop (insulate, drywall, new cabinets) and cleaned out the “why do I have this?” piles. One of the things I found was a 20 lb box of High Temp Tool’s low temp salts from when I thought about building a salt tank setup. I have no use for them but don’t want to seek them if they are no longer good. They’ve been in a plastic bag inside a cardboard box. Are they still usuable?
  5. It’s 4/4 thickness by 5.25” wide. It’s actually a little lighter color than the picture makes it look like.
  6. It’s a company out of TN or KY ( I forget). It is compressed industrial hemp fibers. I’m playing with my first board of it. It really needs stabilized before use as a handle, but I’m liking it.
  7. Latest one off my bench. 4 1/2” O1 utility with a bronze guard. Handle is dyed & stabilized Hempwood. I don’t do a lot of mirror finishes, but decided to buff this one out. Thanks for looking.
  8. Rejoining back into the internet world and getting back into the forums. Thought I’d post a pic of one of my newer ones. Set of a small ( 6 1/2”) fighter and one of my Squirrel Axes with a 2” edge. Both are are made from 52100. Handle on the axe is carbon fiber with g10 & fiber spacers. Knife handle is carbon fiber, micarta, & g10 with blued steel guard & pin. Thanks for looking.
  9. I can see that. This one I let the figure of the wood dictate the shape since I wanted the snake-like appearance of the lighter section.
  10. I wondered about the durability especially of the cam wheel. Never really thought about a treadle hammer. The only ones I've ever seen were pretty large. I could scale one down to a smaller size. Thanks
  11. Has anyone seen the Davinci cam/ helve hammer videos on YouTube? There's a couple out there: one with a wood frame and a multi part video on one with a steel frame. I'm kind of at that point where I don't need a power hammer but it would be handy to have a small one. Our local welding shop has a 25 lb LG, and it's really overkill for me. Has anyone ever used or seen one? The ones online are kind of thrown together, but I was thinking one made with changeable dies would be faster without taking up a huge amount of space. Thanks Dave
  12. This is a simple 4" hunter I made for Blade- this knife I'm surprised made it home. It was one of the most handled piece on the table. 1084 steel with a really cool piece of stablized spalted maple and a 1084/15n20 guard. Really light for its size. The short secondary temper line/ point is a lot brighter than the main temper line right above it. Never could get a good shot that showed it. Thanks for looking
  13. Thanks. Figures- I post a blade with the "controversial" S/M label then read about that whole mess.
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