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  1. These are my Home Daycare's classroom pets. The children voted on them and picked them over tropical fish, hamster, rabbit, hermit crab, and birds. 5 children + 1 Teacher + 1 Pet Store = chaos. They also named them- The white one is Dora and the black & white one is PJ. Both females. They are really cute and Dora really likes being out of the cage and on the floor playing with the kids. PJ wants nothing to do with you unless you have food. Then she loves you. A great teaching tool for young children. Dora operating heavy equipment PJ doing what she does best- eating Hop
  2. Amen- I wasn't trying to disparage stock removal makers, just trying to say I enjoyed forging blades.
  3. Sir My vote is for charcoal with a mapp gas torch and a couple different sized "coffee can" forges for heat treating and small work. I am curious- I had never heard of using chicken feed pellets or cracked corn before. It sounds interesting and like something I would want to try out. How do you light it, burn it, etc.? I've really only worked with charcoal other than a few times with coal. Stuff like this is why this site is so cool- I would have never even thought of that one, let alone tried it out. :You_Rock_Emoticon:
  4. Amazing work, Sir :35: I especially like the sheath
  5. Hey folks I have a couple of questions about knife shows. Before I took a break from bladesmithing, I loved doing craft fairs and local celebrations (especially where I could take my stuff and demonstrate) and am going to do them again, but I want to do a few real knife shows a year. I've only done one ( 2004 Las Vegas) and would like to go to shows where I can see a great variety of makers and techniques and learn as much as I can (Making $ would be nice, but I'm most interested in improving my work.). If you could pick 2 or 3 shows, what would they be and why? One more question and
  6. My own thought on the matter is that the maker will produce a better blade with the method he or she likes the best. It is not so much what the steel will do but what the person creating the blades does. A knifemaker who spends that little extra attention because they completely enjoy how they make knives is probably more likely to produce a superior blade than if they rush through parts of construction to get to the "fun stuff". That being said, I agree with the idea that a forged blade having a "soul" to it. The smith may be the only person on the planet who sees (or feels?) it , but the
  7. I have some Inswool HTZ, 8lb, 1" thick, for sale. I bought a box for making a propane forge before deciding to stick to charcoal. I used some, kept some for "torch forges" and have 18 linear ft ( 36 square ft) left for sale. Will sell by square foot. $5/ square foot plus shipping- your choice UPS or USPS Priority Mail. Payment via check, money order or Paypal (email me with how much you want and where you're at and I'll send you a paypal invoice). Dave Armour dave@armourcutlery.com
  8. Well everyone, my new shop is done and I got the first piece forged last night. It's a dagger my preacher wants. I had done bladesmithing before but haven't done anything with it for a couple of years (combination of new children, new business, moving, etc.). It felt good to be forging again. I'll get some pics up as it comes along.
  9. Wow, amazing work Sir. I love the filework.
  10. OK another question from me before I shut up. Can you clay harden a dagger to create a visible hamon? If so, how do you go about doing it? Thanks
  11. I have a question. What is the difference between W-2 and W-1 (which the local Fastenal has available as "water hardening drill rod")? Will W-1 make a good blade? I'm looking to start doing visible hamons on the blades I make. Before I used 1095 and never tired clay hardening or edge quencing, but it is something I want to do as I get back into bladesmithing.
  12. Perfect example of the last four words a redneck says: "Hey- y'all watch this!" I shouldn't say too much. I made beer money in high school by hunting coyotes and feral dogs for stock farmers near my home (rural central IL). One of the guys I worked with at one place was, well---Let's just say he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. He was a HUGE St. Louis Cardinals fan, so a bunch of us got him a pair of tickets for his birthday. He was thrilled till a couple of minutes later he started telling us he couldn't go because Busch Stadium was in St. Louis. I didn't get it till he told
  13. In the immortal words of the Muppet's Sam the Eagle, "You are all wierdos!" :notworthy: It sure is fun though. BTW: what martial art would you train in to become Master of the Inflatable Sword?
  14. I'm just impressed he didn't try to use an extension cord to power the electric motor. If he had just put another piece across the back, the "dawg" could have gone along for the ride.
  15. Hey folks As I get ready to begin work in my new shop (just have to mount the anvil and move in the tools), I was wondering something: What do you think is the best finish for a working knife? My first knife from this shop is promised to my Preacher (he wants a dagger), but after that most of what interests me is hunters, skinners, and what I call "kick around" or utility knives. I'm looking for a finish that is attractive enough to look "finished" but durable enough that it won't look abused after 10 minutes of work.
  16. My most common response is "You make what?" followed by " How did you get started doing that?". My hobby is seen as even stranger because my chosen profession is as a Teacher in the Early Childhood/ Preschool field, which is over 95% female with a high concentration of "Grandmotherly' types. It's odd to be in a conference as the only guy in over 100 people and everyone is talking about what they do for stress relief. Everyone else is saying things like "shopping", "the spa", and "working out", and I pop off with "I make knives". The looks are priceless. All in all, the responses
  17. I was wondering if the "Poor Man's Stabilization" Tip on Mr. Fogg's site would work for wood (He talks about using it for bone)? My method for sealing handles was to soak the handle in a mix of 2/3 natural (non-colored) stain and 1/3 gloss poly for a day, let it dry for a couple of days, then sand and buff.
  18. Hello everyone I want to tell y'all how cool this forum page is. I'm getting ready to finish up my new shop- hopefully this weekend. I did knifemaking before but haven't done much with it for a couple of years. I finally have the time (and my wife convinced) to spend the time I want to this. I'll post a couple of pics when I get my shop done. I look forward to a lot of interesting discussions here. Keep the fires hot and the hammers handy. Dave Armour
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