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  1. Thanks. Figures- I post a blade with the "controversial" S/M label then read about that whole mess.
  2. I haven't been on forums much lately but have decided to rejoin the world of the living. Here's one I made a little while ago. I don't know if it really counts as "San Mai" because it's 5 layers (3 of 1084 & 2 of 15N20) or just a really low layer count pattern weld. 4 1/2" blade, 9 1/2" overall. Copper guard and buttcap. The handle is Oosik and polished stag. Thanks for looking. Dave
  3. Do regulators just go bad? I've had 2 LP regulators this year suddenly not be able to adjust psi. Considering I haven't been in the shop much at all during the summer this last one probably had barely 40 working hours on it. Are there places that check/ repair regulators or should I just grab a new one? For that matter where do you get your regulators? Thanks Dave
  4. If that's hideous I'm in big trouble. I really like how the symmetrical pattern of the steel seems to point to the contrast of the burl. Nice
  5. I use a large pistol case inside my suitcase. After TSA "lost" 2 of my knives I took a hint from someone (can't remember who) and went to a gun store and found the cheapest POS they had. I throw that in the case with the knives. Then when I check in I declare I'm traveling with a firearm, they send me over to TSA. TSA inspects the bag in front of me and I lock the case with a real lock (not the TSA luggage junk) and they mark it inspected, put it back in the suitcase, and send it on down the line.
  6. I'm in the middle of cleaning up/ reorganizing my shop and I've decided to add a horizontal propane forge for heat treating and forge welding and mainly use my vertical one for general forging. They're both going to be on the same table about 3' apart and both will use blown burners. Is there any reason I can't use the same blower for both forges? I was thinking I could run a straight piece of pipe between the forges, T it off, and run a length of flex pipe to each burner with its own valve for airflow. When I doubt I would be using both forges at the same time, but even if I did I have to
  7. That's nice- I think the sweep really makes it a better working design.
  8. Thanks guys. Hadn't thought about the paint, but it makes sense. I'll post pics when I'm done.
  9. Hey Everyone In laws are having a party next weekend and we got a couple of those party store helium tanks for balloons. I was wondering if they would be safe to use as a gas forge body after we're done with them. They look like a slightly smaller and lighter version of a 25lb propane tank. Seems silly to scrap them when I know I'm going to be building a new gas forge in the next month or so. Thanks Dave Armour
  10. Nice! I just love knives that scream "use me"
  11. I chalk that stuff up to the 21st century version of the old mail order "become a master gunsmith ( or engraver, woodcarver, outhouse cleaner, etc.)" ads in the back of Field & Stream and such when I was in school. Dopey then, dopey now.
  12. I've had that happen- man that blows. Sorry that crap happened to you.
  13. Well- I make my own wine , am married, and the nearest casino is 2 hours away, so I need someway to spend my money other than wine, women, & gambling. Seriously, It is never "as good as it gets." Each knife is the result of what previously you've done wrong and right plus new information gained this time. Plus you get to share the successes with others. I didn't hunt this year but traded a hunters & a neck knife (plus 2 cases of beer) for 3 deer. The guy I gave the hunter to had never used anything but stuff from big box store sporting goods department. The conversation his w
  14. Dang it-Brandonbuford beat me to the joke. I was thinking a chipmunk with a elf's hat on myself, but I've been listening to Christmas music all morning.
  15. Kind of a dumb question, but the only "needle valves" the local hardware store has are little ones like what is used on supply lines for a refrigerator's icemaker. Is that what you're talking about? If not, where do you find the right kind? Thanks Dave Armour
  16. Well that made that decision easier- just sold the kiln. Using the $ from it to build a vertical HT forge. I'll post pics when I'm done. Thanks for the input Dave
  17. That looks like it will do some work. I like it.
  18. Thanks guys. I think I have enough inswool left to wrap the inside. That ribbon burner looks interesting to try out.
  19. Great knives. I love the ball bearing Damascus pattern. Way too cool.
  20. Hey everyone I have a tinkering project I'm debating. I recently bought an old ceramics kiln for next to nothing thinking I might use it for HT. Like an idiot I misread the amps it uses- I would have to rewire the shop to use it. No bites trying to sell it, so rather than have it sit in the corner of the garage I thought about pulling the electric stuff out & drilling a hole in one side and fitting it with a blown burner to turn it into a vertical heat treating forge. The inside dimensions are 23" diameter by 29" high. I'm wondering if a single blown burner has the power to hea
  21. Thanks for the info on them. I've got a couple of files I really like that need redone.
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