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  1. Nice pics. Now that we have a real camera I've been playing with a light box and settings. It's a world of difference. If you haven't seen it check out Walter Sorrells's video on photography- it was a big help. Love the last knife. Dave Armour
  2. Hey Everyone Last Christmas I did blades for a Dad and 2 sons all with walnut handles and nickel silver guards. Well the oldest boy wanted to change his to some deer horn he had. Since it got me out of cleaning my shop I was happy to oblige. Nothing fancy- 4 1/2" blade 1084 hunter with forge finish flats, white tail horn, Nickel silver & black fiber spacer. I cleaned up the bevels to 320 & going to sharpen & mail out. Here's the before & after. Thanks for looking Dave Armour
  3. Do you mean before hardening? In between hardening and tempering the only thing I do on the blade is file test the edge & hand rub one side with 320 grit paper just enough to see bare steel for tempering colors. If I have any minor warping I grind out after tempering. Anything major & I anneal and start the heat treatment all over again. How much I do before hardening the blade depends on the thickness of the blade. 1/8" or thicker I do all the profiling and grind the bevels leaving edge thickness of about a dime. Thinner than 1/8" I grind to shape but don't grind the bevels t
  4. Hey Folks Wrapping one up for a customer. Just needs sharpening and a sheath. This one's bit different for me- I've only done a couple of subhilts. Still not sure I like the design, but it's what the customer wanted. Forge finish with 220 grit bevels. Anyway, specs are" 5160 steel black canvas micarta Stainless guards and bolts 8 1/2" blade length, 14" overall Thanks for looking Dave Armour
  5. Hey Folks Playing with the camera again. This is a 5160 hunter with wrought iron guard, deer horn handle, & a buffalo horn buttcap. 5 1/2" blade, 11" overall Thanks for looking Dave Armour
  6. Thanks. It's nothing fancy. 400 grit hand sanded finish followed by a mustard etch. I just take mustard with horseradish, thin it out with vinegar ( say about 1 tbsp. vinegar to 1/4c mustard) and thinly paint it on with a qtip. Let that set for a couple of hours, wash the blade clean, and repeat till you get the pattern you like. You can do dots, stripes, random splotches, or whatever strikes your fancy. That was probably 6 times of doing stripes on the blade. The etch seems to do and look the best right next to where you spread the mustard instead of underneath the mustard itself.
  7. Hey everyone I made up a quick lightbox to try to take some better pics and did some playing. Here's a 1084 neck knife with cord wrap, striped mustard etch, and a kydex neck sheath. 3 1/2" blade, 7" overall Thanks for looking Dave Armour
  8. I'm not a big seax fan but that one I really like. Nice
  9. What is this "finish" thing of which you speak? Seriously, both look cool.
  10. Simple, clean , well executed- gotta love it. Sheath looks nice too.
  11. Know the feeling but never ever ask that question in the shop- it's just begging for the weirdest, most comically bizarre problem to pop up.
  12. Hey folks- Haven't posted in awhile- really just got back into my shop last month. I'm beginning to think Blade show is cursed for me-every time I go something happens to the house that I end up spending the next few months dealing with. Anyway this one is done minus sharpening & sheath. 1084 bowie in what I call a "willow" shape. I'm not really sure what it's really called, it just reminds me of a willow leaf for some reason. Stabilized Para Kingwood handle with a copper pin & guard. The guard I did differently for me- no stock removal whatsoever- rough forged to shape, hot
  13. Here's a couple of quick phone pics. Sorry they're turned sideways- I didn't notice that till they were on here. Nothing fancy but it works aside from the relay issues. It runs on 110v. Switch under the PID pwers up the unit. Switch on the side kills power to element so I can load/unload without lighting myself up. There's a cover that goes over the controller. Again nothing fancy, just a sheet metal box I'll let you know what I end up doing with it. Dave
  14. I never tried to do it myself, but I've had wood stabilized by Woodlab and was thrilled with it.
  15. It ending up to be a moot point- found out last night I have to go by where I bought the bricks & element for the furnace. I called them & they have a couple of controllers that will work & will install one for me. Problem solved. Thanks
  16. I have a home built furnace that does 2 things well- heat treating & blowing relays at annoying times. I really only use it for hardening & annealing/ normalizing, so it only sees 3 or 4 different temps & most of the programming features I've never used n I'm thinking about changing from a PID controller to something simpler. Does anyone know of an analog or dial type controller? Or something can be created "off the shelf" from the hardware store? Thanks Dave Armour
  17. The gold tone is a trick from lighting/ me still not used to the camera. It's my stardard working finish: 400 grit hand rub folowed by ferric chloride etch. I've left tempering colors on blades before- the look can be dramatic & fun. I used to hate rustic/forge finish/ etched blades, but anymore I make more of them than I do "pretty" (wife's term) blades. Yeah that cut sucked- bled like a stuck pig so bad it was flushing the super glue out before it would set up & seal the wound. Would have been eaiser if my daughter hadn't seen it & kept freaking out wanting to cal 911 bec
  18. Hey guys Just need sheaths and sharpening and I'm ready for Blade show. Thought I'd post a pic of what's coming with me. Also wanted to show 2 pics of knives I really hope sell there (for different reasons). First is a 5160 hunter with wrought iron guard, deer horn handle, and water buffalo horn buttcap. I really like this one ( a rarity for me to like a knife I make), so I hope someone else wants it. The second one is a simple 1084 cord wrap utility. I want it gone for 2 reasons: 1)The money for it goes to my wife's Autism Speaks team for the Chicago Marathon, & 2) I s
  19. Nice. I'm sure she'll enjoy it
  20. Nice. Love the case hardening- it's one of those on my "I have to try that" list.
  21. I'm drawing a mental blank on who has American made knife kits, but Tracy at USA Knifemakers is a good guy to work with. Never bought a kit from him, but never had an issue with anything I've got from him. Dave Armour
  22. Nice. Normally that style isn't really my thing, but I really like that one.
  23. Hey everyone Just finished up a trio of knives for a family at Church. The Mom wanted 2 knives for the sons for Christmas. They've been good friends to us, so I thought I'd suprise the Dad with one of his own to go along with them. All are 1084 with Nickle Silver and Walnut. Sorry for the phone pic, the camera is with my wife in Mississppi (She's down there helping her ex-husband's sister recover from surgery.) Top: 4 1/2" blade, 10 1/2" overall Middle: 7 1/2" blade, 12 1/2" overall Bottom: 5" blade, 9 1/2" overall Thanks for looking Dave Armour
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