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  1. Thanks- I made the mistake of trying to read this during naptime and almost woke up 2 toddlers from my laughing.
  2. I thought I had this one sold, but the seller backed out. It's forged from 1084 with a pink paracord wrap. It has a 7 1/2" blade with an overall length of 13 1/2". $50 of the $150 sale price goes to Montgomery County (Illinois) Breast Cancer Support group.Price includes leather sheath and USPS priority mail shipping. Paypal accepted. If you have any questions, feel free to message or email me. Thanks for looking Dave Armour dave@armourcutlery.com
  3. That's one of the best bowies I've seen in a long time. Cool piece
  4. My son loves riddles like these, so I'm sure he will be asking everyone those for the next few days. I don't worry about stretching my brain- it's the tangled mess the recoil recreats that is a mess.
  5. Nice. The satinwood looks good- i hadn't heard of it before. I'll have to track some down.
  6. Hey Everyone Warning- really stupid question coming. Does anyone have animals inside their shop? Is it a good idea or not? Let me explain a bit. Somewhere in the near future I’m going to have a few bantam hens or Muscovy ducks (my daughter is fascinated by birds, especially ducks and chickens). I was thinking about having an enclosed “coop” area with the nesting boxes/ roosts/ food & water in the shop with a door to the areas outside I would use as runs. Keeping them in my shop would (probably) qualify them as house pets and exempt them from the “animals prohibited from villag
  7. Wow! That's really impressive. I know something is a very cool idea when my son walks up behind me as I start the video and is instantly begging to watch it again.
  8. Very Nice! Really crisp and clean
  9. Very Cool! Have to say that as amazing as the blade is, my favorite part is the wood's grain & the wrought bolsters.
  10. Hey everyone I realized I haven't posted any of my recent stuff. Here's a couple. Sorry about the crappy phone pics. Clip point hunter. W-2 blade with mustard etch and a wrought iron guard with mild steel pin and a rosewood handle. 5" blade, 10 1/2" overall length. Rustic skinner W-2 blade with mustard etch, file-finished copper guard, and a walnut handle with sinew wrapping. 5 1/2" blade, 10 1/2" overall I don't do a bunch of daggers, but this one was fun to do. 1095 steel with copper guard and buttcap and a handle of black poly "pearl", artificial ivory, and deer horn
  11. Meant to write 6 inches tall- that would be one tall tool chest. Justin- feel free to steal away. What I'm thinking about building is a slightly larger version of what I saw at a craft fair used by a woodcarver. I'm going to stick to hand tools, so I wouldn't need to worry about electricity. Have to move some stuff around in my shop, then think I'll start on it.
  12. Hey folks I was at Spirit of Steel this weekend and as I was driving home I was thinking how much sitting at a table for a couple of days drives me out of my gourd regardless of if it's busy or not. I was thinking about building a little wooden toolbox/ workspace that would open up to 18" x18-24" by maybe 6 inches high. It would have a small horizontal vice and have drawers and bins for some handtools, sandpaper, sharpening stones, etc. Basically I would like to be able to work at the table during the show. 2 Questions: 1) Would there be a problem with me doing something like this
  13. I use whitetail deer antler a lot and have a bunch of pieces that would work as handles except they have too much of a bend or a curve to them. Is it possible to bend deer antlers and how would you do it? Thanks Dave Armour
  14. The acetylene torch regulator I had been using on my propane forge bit the dust and I need to replace it. At the local hardware store they sell a "Mr Heater" brand adjustable regulator that goes from 0-40(or 60-can't remember which)psi by where they sell grills, heaters, fryers, and such. Would one of those be safe for use with a forge? If not, what should I be looking for? Thanks Dave Armour
  15. Thanks for the help Guys Sketchup looks like it will do the job.
  16. Hey everyone-not sure where to put this. If it needs to be moved, feel free. Does anyone know of a simple design, drawing, or cad-type program? I have to do some plans of different types of microlivestock structures (LONG story!) and need something a little neater than drawing it freehand. If I could also use it for knife design that would be great, although I'm probably too darn stubborn to change from my graph paper & pencils. I'm not a design pro or a computer whiz so the more basic the better. Thanks Dave Armour
  17. "What is it Mike Blue says...."In THEORY..theory and practice is the same...In PRACTICE they are not"" That has to be one of the truest statements of all time.
  18. Hey Folks I bought a Aquatine Sundial pendant that my wife really likes for Valentines Day. When I got it I discovered some parts are pewter, which gives my wife a mild rash if she wears it for more than a couple of hours. Does anyone know a way to seal pewter so it won't bother her skin? Thanks Dave Armour
  19. Hey Folks, have a couple of knives up for sale. Hunter 5160 steel blade with 220 grit finish, brass guard and pin, axis deer crown handle 4" inch blade, 10 1/2" overall Skinner O-1 blade with a 220 grit finish, 304 stainless guard/ pin, whitetail deer crown handle 5" blade, 10 1/2" overall $100 each or $175 for the pair Includes USPS priority mail to anywhere in CONUS. Cash, check, money order, or Paypal accepted Thanks for looking Dave Armour
  20. Thanks- guys. That's what I'm looking for. Howie- I'm going to JB weld them to the faces of a couple of filing jugs I'm making.
  21. Hey everyone I'm looking to put carbide facing on some jigs I'm making. I'm having no luck finding any locally. Anyone know where I could order pieces of carbide about 1/2" wide by 4-6" long? Thanks Dave Armour
  22. Hey Everyone Switching over to propane and I just don't have room for 2 gas forges and a charcoal forge. I would rather have someone else get good use out of them than have it setting in a storage box on a shelf, so I'm selling off the blower and firepot to my old forge. Champion Blower. Hand- cranked blower. Works great. Turns easy with 2 fingers and puts out a ton of air. The end of the handle is broke- I'll attach a pic showing it. I have the piece & it would be an easy fix, but I never bothered since it turns so easy it worked great as is. $225 shipped to CONUS/ $175 if
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