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  1. Thanks Guys I think your're right- I may be overthinking things. The baffle idea sounds like an easier way to go. I think I have a long enough piece of 3" pipe somewhere. It's not going to be a huge forge, so a single burner has the horsepower, I just want the heat even.
  2. Hey folks Thinking about the burner setup for my horizontal forge and was wondering something. Mainly I want this for for heat treating, so I want it to heat as evenly as possible. Is it possible to split a blown burner's output? I mean instead of just ending the burner tube at the reducing bell using some pipe nipples and reducing T's to basically have 3 burner ports- Here's a quick paint pic of what I mean. Brown= 3" long 1 1/4 pipe nipple Green= 1 1/4 x 1/2 x 1 1/4 reducing T Blue= 1/2" pipe nipple Red= 1 1/4 x 1/2 reducing elbow (or a regular 1/1/4 elbow with a reducer o
  3. Thanks Guys That give me some great starting points. I don't remember which book it was in and my copies are loaned out. I just remember him saying it was an efficent design. Plus I have an old mailbox sitting in my shop. Proves that great (or sick) minds think alike.
  4. Hey everyone, haven't posted for a while- a flame war I got drug into on a non-knifemaking forum soured me on forums for a while, but I'm back and admiring all the great stuff here. I've been busy in the shop, just not online much. Over the next couple of months I'm going to be doing a project that will pretty much keep me out of the shop- rebuilding a 1978 Dodge RV. In whatever shoptime I get I'm going to use to do some remodeling- move some workbenches, install some new lights, and switch over from charcoal to propane. I've built vertical forges before, but I want to add a horizontal one
  5. Hey Folks Was cleaning out my desk and found this knife I did a while back. Thought I would put it up for sale It is a small utility/EDC forged from O-1 steel with wrought iron guard, stabilized buckeye handle, and stainless steel pin. 3" blade, 7 1/4" overall length. Etched finish to show the clay pattern from hardening. Includes a leather belt sheath. $60.00 check, money order or paypal taken Finally got it to work- here's the pics I wanted to post. Thanks for looking Dave Armour
  6. Hey Everyone Just finished a knife for my wife (she's only been asking for one for a couple of years). This has been the first real shop time I have had since late July due to my wife having some medical issues and a kitchen remodel that got WAY out of hand. Any way here a couple of pictures of the knife. Still have to sharpen it since I haven't finished the sheath yet- I figure at this pace, leatherwork will be done around 2015. Sorry about the pics- I suck with the camera. I named it "Beauty's Strength" because that was what came to mind when describing my wife- just gets
  7. I just got done building my son a treehouse in a black walnut tree in our backyard. While building it, I had to cut off a stub that was about two foot long by eight inches or so in diameter. I was thinking it would make some interesting handle pieces. Does anyone have any ideas on how to dry it out, how/when I should cut it up, etc? Thanks Dave
  8. The "Armour Cutlery" sign with a hammer and anvil painted on the front of my shop might be a hint. I had one neighbor who wasn't too thrilled with me making knives "with the kids around". Like I was having the kids from the home daycare (my day job) work in the shop for me. After I made here a pair of curtain hangers to match the rods she had in her kitchen, it became OK because I was "crafty". She actually asked me if I could polish the saw her husband had hanging up in the garage so it would be "nice and shiny- right now it looks like a tool or something"
  9. Looks really cool- one of those pieces that is fun to look at.
  10. Wow, the threads I miss while on vacation. Dee- I think I had that guy at a craft fair in my neck of the woods. He must travel all over being a pain. I my case it was annoying because I had my forge and anvil with me and was doing demonstrations all day. Some people just won't let facts get in the way of their complaining. The weirdest requests I've ever had came from when I did hadyman work during summers in college. I did some work for a couple that ran an "adult" shop and ended up being reffered to their clients when the items sold needed complex assembly or installation. I onc
  11. WOW! That's not just back in the game, that's shooting out of the gate with a vengence!
  12. Hey folks: I'm begining to clean up my shop (my wife wants to know if I need to rent a Bobcat ). Under the category of "Where did this come from and why do I have it?" is a pair of new 8" round heating elements like what would be on an electric stovetop. I am trying to figure out something to use them for. Would they work in an electric Heat Treating furnace? What are some other possible uses? How in the heck do things just appear in shops?
  13. Dave Armour


    Just a picture of our Pekenese, Mozart. Just don't tell him he's a dog- he thinks he's human. My 3 year old is obessed with ducks. She came out of her room, dropped a chewed rubber duckie in from of Mozart, yelled "BAD", turned around and walked back to her room. Mozart litterally slunk out of the living room tail & head dragging. I found him hiding under a dining room chair. All was quickly forgiven, but it resulted in a cute (in a heartbreaking sort of way) picture. Dave
  14. Cute looking puppy. In the second pic you can see just her saying "Can I have a treat now? Pleasepleasepleaseplease?"
  15. SOLD! Thanks for checking it out!
  16. I'm selling one of the hunters I posted yesterday. It has a 4 inch 1095 blade with a wrought iron guard and a handle of elk horn with a stabilized buckeye spacer. 9 1/4" overall length. Comes with a leather sheath. I normally charge $140 for hunters, but for forum members, the price is SOLD including USPS Priority shipping in the US. Thanks for looking. Dave Armour
  17. I know I've seen it at our local Lowe's and I think the Home Depot has it. I don't know about Walmart.
  18. Steal away- the idea was the result of pure annoyance and a couple of shots of my homemade chocolate mint vodka. I'd like to claim some great flash of creative brilliance, but I did it because the "real" habaki I tried to make was giving me absolute fits and looked like complete dog****. I will use that idea again as I ended up liking it. Thanks
  19. Hey Folks I haven't posted in a long time- just lurking and drooling. Thought I'd post some of my recent ones. 2 utilities O-1 steel wrought iron guards top 3 1/2" blade, 8" overall elk horn with water buffalo horn handle bottom3" blade, 7 1/2" overall stabilized buckeye handle 2 hunters 1095 steel top 4 1/4" blade, 9 1/4" overall, elkhorn and stablized buckeye handle, wrought iron bottom 4" blade, 9" overall, bocote handle, stainless pins ? I don't know how to describe this one. I tried to make a Japanese-style blade and this was the result. 1095 steel 7" bl
  20. Hey folks I received a call last week and got the chance to get a table at BLADE next month (been on the waiting list for a while). I've got to be the only person who has to close a home daycare center so they can go to a knife show. My wife was grumbling about me going to Atlanta for a knife show till she remembered that one of her best friends from the Navy lives there, now it's great family getaway. This will be a first time for me- I'm really looking forward to meeting new folks and learning some new ideas to apply to my own work. Who all is going? Hope to see you there.
  21. I'm torn- very very torn. One side of my brain is saying that this is why a redneck's last sentance is usually "Grab me a beer and come watch this s***!" The other side is saying" Harbor Frieght has those little 5 lb bench anvils. I bet I could achieve low-Earth orbit with one of those!"
  22. When forging or using power tools I tend to listen to what I call "bar country" (Hank Jr, Charlie Daniles, Waylon Jennings), a "Classical Terror" CD (stuff like Flight of the Valkaries, Bach's Toccata & Fugue, etc.), or the Three Tenors. When I'm doing handwork I'd rather listen to bluegrass instrumentals, Allison Krauss, Naturally 7 ( a great accapella group), and Michael Buble. The "shuffle" setting on Ipods can result in some bizzare music choices. Going from Hank Williams Sr. to Flo Rida can cause what the immortal Dogbert descibed as "a paradigm shifting without a clutch".
  23. Congrats to you on your growing family! My wife & I agree- he is just too cute.
  24. Thanks, the Ted Banning stuff was what I had been thinking of. The Kerrihard Hammer is interesting- only about 90 miles away. I think I'll have to pass on it though. If I spend that kind of money this close to the holidays, I'll have to sleep in the shop. If I build one, will probably be the Kerrihard design. Looks like what I was wanting.
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