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  1. Hey folks A while back I saw (I think) pictures and a description of a small (6-10 lbs) homemade power hammer that was either set up on a benchtop or a grinder stand (I can't remember which). I can't find anything on it now. Does anyone know of such a animal or did I "remember" this only because last night I was "tasting" the flavored vodkas I just finished making? I don't have the need or space for a full size power hammer, so this seems good timesaver for breaking down round stock, small billets, etc. Do y'all think it would be feasible to downsize a "rusty" type hammer or would
  2. Hi Everyone I finally got off my tail end and put together a website- still need to do a "links" page, but it's up & running. www.armourcutlery.com Please check it out and tell me what you think. I'm lousy at proofreading my own stuff, so if you catch an error, let me know. Thanks Dave Armour
  3. I think I've stayed there- the Heaven on Earth Inn in Denver, right? Nice place- great ambiance. My room door still had marks from the police battering ram, the carpet had a burn that looked a lot like a flashbang scorch, and at 2 am a hooker showed up at my door and wouldn't believe me when I tried to tell her she had the wrong room. Ah, the joys of traveling broke in college.
  4. Yeah- it's forged down from 1/2 inch rod. It was dubbed "Willow" by someone who thought the blade looked like a willow leaf. I wasn't too thrilled about the shape of the handle when I made it, but the more I use it, the more comfortable it feels.
  5. Hey everyone. This was a class project we did today in my home daycare. We have rats as classroom mascots (animals are some of the best long-term learning projects with children) and decided to make them a new cage. The body made of some tight mesh wire shelving the hardware store had on clearance held together with wire sitting on an underbed storage box. The doors are more shelving held on with cable ties. I think it's big enough- 42"H x 30 W x 16 D. The rats seem to love it- one is literally jumping off the bottom shelf doing a back flip into the bedding. I tried to catch a picture of
  6. Hey folks- wanted to show a knife I decided to keep for myself as a my daily user. It started out as as a custom order to match a blackpowder pocket pistol that my client ended up trading before I got done with the knife. I had made one similar to this about a year ago- this one handles a lot better, so I decided to keep it after the client bought a patch knife I had available instead. It's forged from O-1 with a water buffalo and deer horn handle. The hardware is mokume- she wanted the sides polished and the faces etched to show the pattern. I will probably re-etch them to show the pa
  7. Hey folks- I haven't posted anything in a while, so here are a couple of my pieces. I just got back from the Spirit of Steel Show in Dallas. I had a great time. I got to meet all kinds of great people, from true icons of the custom knife industry to a 10 year old kid who spent a great deal of time asking questions about how to put together the patch knife kit I had a raffle for. I especially have to thank Weldon Whitley and his wife, Brad Vice of Alabama Damascus, and Mark Strauss of Knifeology.com for their hints, comments, a great weekend of conversation and memories. Anyway this w
  8. Hey Folks Is anyone going to go to the Spirit of Steel Show in Dallas the end of this month? I'm going to have a table down there. I haven't done a show other than local craft-type fairs in a while, so it should be fun. Dave Armour
  9. "I leave the kid with a public school" My sister is a St. Louis Public School Teacher- You couldn't pay me enough. After a decade in daycare centers, I converted part of our house into a classroom and opened my own home daycare a couple of years ago. In my classroom its just 3 infants, 2 preschoolers, my own 2 kids (3 & 5), and me. It's been great- I get to watch my own two kids grow up and I don't have to answer to a center director. Although I've got to be the only daycare provider who has to tell their parents that I'm closing for a couple of days in Sept. so I can go down to
  10. Thanks for the info, Sir. Yesterday was one of those days where I am reminded of why I work with kids- Adults are too childish.
  11. Hey folks I'm reading the forum topics on marquenching/ martempering, and I'm just not getting my head around them. I'm sure these questions are stupidly basic, but here goes: 1-After you heat the steel to the right temperature, you quench it in the heated oil ( I don't have a salt tank setup) till the blade is completely the temperature of the oil, let cool to room temp, and then temper. Am I getting the point or am I completely off base? About what temperature should the oil be? I use O-1 and 1095. 2- Does the blade need to be tempered like a blade queched in 120' oil or should the
  12. Yeah, having to pack up your shop and move stuff sucks. The good news is that there's always a way and a place to get back into the swing of things. My first shop was a little square shed that "lost' itself during a storm- the roof went to one part of the yard and the walls rolled till it found a nice stopping point- right on top of my nephew's car. Never did find the doors. It's a weird sight seeing a buiding upside down on a car. One of those times the family all sits back and laughs about now- kind of like when my folks moved and forgot to tell me about it. Mr. Lester- what part
  13. Happy Birthday, Sir! And many thanks for this place to learn.
  14. "If you are in the store buying shotgun shells, rope, and a shovel, the cashier will not ask "How are you today?"."
  15. Hey y'all, sorry it's been so long since posting anything. I'm finally finishing up a portable forge that I'll use at craft fairs and festivals as well in my shop. My first attempt at building a bellows wasn't too successful (more of a gentle breeze than a blast of air), so I decided on a hand cranked blower. I found Sam Dembitsky's website for Cottonwood Forge out in Colorado where he had some blowers and forges for sale and bought a Buffalo Blower off of him. When he was packaging up the blower, he found a problem with the shaft that would take a while to fix, so he sent me the Cham
  16. Here is the knife I received in the KITH drawing from Todd Hill. SPECS: 11 3/4" overall, blade is 6 1/2" x 1"w x 1/8" thick forged from a tire iron, mesquite root handle, brass pin The knife handles really well- a rose in a bud vase on my kitchen counter was the first thing I tried out it out on. It cut clean through the stem as smooth as butter right below the flower- Guess I had better get my wife a new rose. Thank you for a great knife Mr. Hill. Dave Armour
  17. I finished mine up today Blade has a 4" cutting edge and the knife is 10 1/2 inches overall. Blade is forged from what is left from a bowie (destroyed in testing a year or so ago) I forged from an old saw blade that I think was one of the 10XX steels. Guard is from an old bolt found on my Granddad's farm years ago. The handle is mulberry salvaged from a scrapped headboard. The pin is a nail. I had a lot of fun making this one- I'll have to rethink the amount of handwork I do with my knives. Dave Armour
  18. I knew I forgot to ask something- if I want to find out what is in this stuff, does anyone know of any places that does testing of metals? Thanks Dave Armour
  19. Mine is letting the handle cure, then it is just sharpening and making a sheath. I'll have a pic in the next couple of days. Dave Armour
  20. Well folks, I haven't posted anything in a while, but here's a project I started on yesterday. I've wanted to build a furnace like one from from the "Mastery and Uses of Fire In Antiquity" book. While the local kids were out playing with bottle rockets and firecrackers (Amateurs! ), I decided to see if I can make metal. The shell is 3 big stainless stockpots a local grocery store sells for 7 bucks. The refractory was a 50/50 mix of play sand and "sand mix" concrete. The pipe is 1" black iron pipe and the air supply is my propane forge's blower. I wrapped the whole thing in Inzwool
  21. Thanks, Guys I have the Bealer book- forgot about the pics on bellows. I'll have to look at the other books. Thanks for the website- lots of stuff I wondered about. I wondered if the box bellows was used here- guess I'll make a double chambered one. Dave Armour
  22. Hi folks Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, but my "day job" has kept me swamped. Glad to finally be back in the shop on a regular basis. Anyway I have a couple of questions. After making a set of knives for someone whose Dad does mountain man reenactments, I found myself getting interested in pre- 1840's living history stuff. (BTW- if anyone knows of any groups in the Central IL/ St. Louis Area. please let me know.) I want to make up a forge setup that would fit in at a reenactment or rendevous. Where can I find plans to make regular or double chamber bellows?
  23. Hey Folks I have some stuff for the kids there and need an excuse for a road trip, so I'm going to drive down to Mr. Harley's on Saturday the 26th of this month with the items I've got. I still will have room plenty of room in the pickup, so if there is anyone close to me ( I live just South of Springfield, IL) who has something they want to give, let me know and I can save you the UPS charge. For that matter if, you live close to the route I'll take (Interstates 55, 64,57, 40, and 24) I can meet that Sat. and pick the stuff up on my way down. Hope they get a lot of support for
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