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  1. Sir, In your first post you mentioned your refractory was a mix of sand and cement. About what % mix of each did you use? Thanks for a great thread. Dave Armour
  2. Hi folks Sorry I haven't posted more lately, but winter and "day job" have kept me out of the shop for a while. Anyway, with spring here I'm getting back to some home renovation projects. I'm taking down the back deck on my house. It is only a couple of years old but very poorly constructed-to show how bad of a job they did, everything is put together with drywall screws. Anyway, I have enough good condition treated lumber (4x4, 2x6, 2x10, and deck boards) salvaged to expand my shop by about 10' x 16' (it's current size is 16' x 20'). I want to to make an area just for hot work- forge
  3. Sir I ran across your DVD as a DVD download on Amazon and bought it this weekend. I really like it- It shows a lot of neat stuff. Thanks for a great learning resource. Dave Armour
  4. Sir, If there is still room, count me in.
  5. I love the tang design- I would have never thought of that! I like the look of the ivory, too. Dave Armour
  6. WOW! Completely amazing! Dave Armour
  7. Sounds like fun. Count me in. Dave Armour
  8. Cool Knife Sir I really like the handle carving. Dave Armour
  9. As we begin this new year, I want to take the time to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope and pray that y'all have success in your personal, professional, and creative ventures. Did anyone make any New Year's resolutions? I made 4 to be done by the end of the year: - Spend at least 10- 15 hours a week in my shop (about double what I do now) - Hire an assistant and expand my home daycare license to the large license (From 6 to 10 children) - Not let my 14 year old PITA stepson drive me nuts by remembering what a PITA I was at 14. - Be more romantic toward my wife. ( Do a lot more o
  10. I got an Ipod from my wife and kids and a bunch of barnes and noble gift cards from family and my daycare kids. I used the cards to get a Tim McCreight book on Metalcasting, the "Fire in Antiquity, and a couple of books on travel. Dave Armour
  11. Cool Piece, Sir. I love the pattern of the steel. Dave Armour
  12. That is a cool hawk, Sir. Dave Armour
  13. I need an excuse to make myself a new personal blade, so I'm selling my old one. "Darkside" is the knife I've carried for the past three years in the shop, around the property, at demonstrations and shows- basically anytime I needed a big blade. I was going for kind of a rustic or antique look, so the blade is heavily toolmarked (mainly from files) and etched. Top edge is sharp. Specs: Forged 1095 Blade Length: 8 1/2" Overall Length: 14 3/4" Wenge Handle Blued mild steel guard and pins Asking $150. Prefer Paypal, will also accept check or money order. Includes leather shea
  14. Welcome! Those are great looking knives and I really like the sheaths. Dave Armour
  15. I was wondering something- could you use a 20 or 50 ton hydraulic bottle jack as the main part of a press? I know it would be slower than a regular press, but would it work for jobs like setting damascus/ mocume welds and breaking down big stock? Just a curiousity. Thanks Dave Armour
  16. Sir Hope you have a good time settling in. Good Luck Dave Armour
  17. Great knife from a great heart! I'm sure he'll love it. Dave Armour
  18. You know- I never understood that style knife till I got to use one- they are really handy. Those are tremendous looking pieces. Dave Armour
  19. Sir I love the knife- it really has a great look. Dave Armour
  20. Admittedly, I've never been a FT bladesmith, so I might be the worst person to weigh in on this , but here goes. In Early Childhood, assistants are almost vital- it is easier to work with 12 two year olds and 2 adults ( or as close to adult as I get ) than it is 6 two year olds on your own. But it has to be a good fit. If the two of you don't work together well, it is a disaster. In knifemaking I don't know if a full time assistant is economically viable in most situations. That being said, I think a part time (a couple of half days/ week) assistant who could help both with sho
  21. We're starting to get our first blast of winter weather here (central IL). It started to rain last night, turned to sleet/ freezing rain this morning, and will rain till tonight when it is supposed to start snowing (they say between 6-12 inches). All this when it was 65 and sunny yesterday! The best part is I forgot to unplug this blow up reindeer in our front yard and now there is a layer of ice covering it, so when I unplugged it just fell over and didn't deflate. Days like today I'm glad I started my own home daycare center- the 20 foot commute to my classroom is very easy. Dave
  22. Love the knife, sir. My vote for the rabbit would have to be rolled in seasoned corn meal and deep fried. Dave Armour
  23. Sir I like your forged piece- it has a lot of character. Dave Armour
  24. Sir After letting the crucibles run in the forge for 3 hours, I took them out and let them cool for 15 minutes. Then I busted the crucibles and put the ingots back in the forge, ran the blower for 15 minutes, then shut the blower off and let it cool in the forge overnight. I did etch both pieces- I got a few subtle hints of a pattern, but nothing really visible. Thanks for the idea on the photos. Dave Armour
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