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  1. An update on how things went when I worked the pieces on Saturday. One of the small pieces didn't so much crumble as it shattered during the third heat while I was forging it down. The other small piece and the larger one I forged down to bars and water quenched them to see how they hardened. The small one acted like 1095, the larger one didn't harden much at all . All in all I don't know if I would trust making a knife out of either piece- I think I'll use it as guard material on some future projects. Still no pics- the camera works great and takes great shots for printing, but won
  2. Neat tutorial- the handle material process is cool. I love the spine work. Dave Armour
  3. Nice Piece- Welcome Dave Armour
  4. Mr. Stein That was so far beyond wrong. One of those times I knew I should feel guilty but was laughing to dang hard to stop. I remember Mr. Engnath used to have a story in his catalog about a guy in his store stabbing himself in the butt trying to show off how expert he was with a katana. I liked his last line- -"he never did come back to show me how the rest of the stroke went" Just remember the last four words a redneck says- Hey, Y'all come watch this!" Dave Armour
  5. Neat tutorial, Sir Thanks for posting it. Dave Armour
  6. Nice Knife- Great lines and wonderful finish. Dave Armour
  7. Hi Folks- sorry for the rant, but I just got a phone call I thought I should share. In addition to running a home daycare center, I am a American Heart Association CPR & First Aid Instructor. I just got a phone call from a teacher at a daycare center I trained in CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrulator- think portable version of the hospital paddles for shocking people). They just got an AED for her church and it got used this weekend on an elderly woman who had a heart attack during service. The woman lived and is doing fine now because of the work of this teacher and another
  8. Mr. Obach I was just glad I didn't open the crucible to find absolutly no change in the stuff inside. I considered this a "process" run rather than a "product" run. Solid ingots was more than I had hoped for. I did see something like little glass bead on the top of the pieces- I was hoping that was a good sign. Mr. Pringle The sparks looked like 1095 when I cut into it, but I saw a lot fewer sparks at first than what I see with barstock. I really don't know about the weight- I filled the cruicibles a little at a time packing as I went, so I don't really remember the weight before
  9. Well Folks, I tried making cruicible steel yesterday. Sorry I don't have any pics-my camera was with my wife at a church cookie walk. Here's what I did yesterday. Nothing fancy for a setup- just stacked firebrick with the 1" pipe tuyere from my forge. I had ordered a couple of graphite crucibles, but they haven't showed up yet. I made a pair of cup sized ones out of satanite and used a 3" flowerpot with some satanite in the bottom to plug the drain hole. I filled each crucible about 2/3 full with 8 parts Spanish Red iron oxide, 4 parts steel shavings from a local machine shop, a
  10. I like Wild Turkey- It mixes well with lemonade Sorry, bad joke. Dave Armour
  11. Cool knife, sir I love the handle- it really sets the blade off. Dave Armour
  12. Nice knives- They look ready to be put to good use. Cool sheaths. Dave Armour
  13. I agree with the preious posts- you did the right thing. I would keep the deposit as well. Here's how you get your small measure of revenge- you post pics of your work so we can all see what a moron he was for backing out of your deal. Dave Armour
  14. Sir That is a very cool total package! Dave Armour
  15. I just read the "Wootz Process of Ric Furrer" pictorial under the "What is Wootz?" Thread and have a BUNCH of questions. Some of these are sure to be dumb- my apologies in advance. Do I buy the iron powder and cast iron powder or grind down bars and use the results? If I buy it, where from? How fine does the plant material have to be chopped up? Should it be dried first or used green? Does it have to be dandelions? What proportions of ingredients should I use? What type of crucibles should I use and where can I get them? Will a Fogg-style forge get hot enough to work as
  16. Sir, I like the knife a lot. That is a favorite blade shape of mine, especially for neck knives. As for the sheath, I usually just make a simple 3-layered sheath. If you want to do a molded wrapparound sheath, You'll start out with kind of a butterfly- looking piece of leather. I usually end up making 3 or 4 paper patterns before finding the shape I need. Hope that helps Dave Armour
  17. I got lucky and found some pieces of hardwood (hedge, purpleheart, bocote, wenge. zircote, and a couple of others) at a yard sale this weekend. I have 10 boards each about 4"x 18" either 1 or 2 inch thick. My question is- should I leave them as a whole board or go ahead and cut them into oversized handle blocks now? Thanks Dave Armour
  18. Mine isn't so much client related as it is about dealing with other bladesmiths. In 2004, I decided to do a "real knife show" instead of craft fairs and got a table at the Las Vegas Classic Knife Show. I was out of my league and knew it, but I learned a ton about improving my knives, especially about handles and sheaths. Everyone there was a big help except for one person, who would remain nameless even if I remembered it- I just remember he was a Mastersmith. He came behind my table holding a beer (obviously not his first of the day) and proceeded to loudly tell me what was wrong with eac
  19. I like the way the cable is done- it really flows. Dave Armour
  20. Very Cool Blades, Sir Dave Armour
  21. Cool Video, Sir! Thanks for posting the power hammer plans- this is a project I've been thinking hard about doing but was unsure about where to begin. It will be a big help. Dave Armour
  22. My worst was having a blade get knocked out of the tongs while taking it out of the forge (I tripped as I turned) and having it land right in the gap between my work boots and my ankle. I had a nice little blade- shaped burn mark for a long time after the actual burn healed. My other wierd shop injury was when I was helping someone build a cabinet and he decided not to wait till I was clear before he began using a finish nailer to tack on a decorative panel. Of course it went right through the 1st knuckle of my index finger. The worst part was that it blew through into a drawer suppor
  23. I know it worked for 1095 and 1070. I didn't try it with any of the other 10XX series. Preheat it to around 115-120 degrees F. If you're doing multiple blades, try to bring the temperature back to around 120 before quenching the next blade, either by adding room temperature oil or using multiple tanks. I set a cake pan of it on fire not paying attention to the oil temp when doing multiple blades for someone who was giving hunting knives as groomsmen's gifts. Dave Armour
  24. I've used it- it works well. I normally use canola oil, but got some sunflower oil for next to nothing once. Make sure you preheat it- it didn't seem to work at all cold. Dave Armour
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