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  1. Yes i know mate , but we have a situation were some factorys are just like the chinese sweat shops they dont provide any safety gear at all , complain and your out and there not all small companys , the government dont give a shit as long as they pay there taxes, and it look's good on paper , they look the other way ,we have cases all the time here of workers trying to get better conditions and the place closes down only to open under another name in a diffrent location , but i agree a lot dont bother to wear the gear , even if provided for them , mine was contracted before it was
  2. No worrys mate go for it i dont know if ill live long enugh to produce anything that good , but we can hope , lol, Im sort of into japanese style blades , more effective on thick skinned gov types pollies and the like , cheers tell
  3. =================== He he been there mate lol, you should be able to click your own Name in the posts then look at your profile and alter it as you wish , thats my understanding of how it works cheers mate tell i took the steel sides out and replaced with Heble blocks blower is a 12v car fan and housing 3 speed up through the 3 connected pipes works fine cheers tell
  4. ============================================================ G day mate good advice about were your at / age / ect PSTTT so were is your's i just chequed out your profile dare i say calling the kettle black LOL, or is this a woops situation lol, Me im in Brisbane Aussie 62 real name terry or to be correct terence ( call me that and i gotta kill ya ) good point's in your post mate spot on cheers tell
  5. yah point taken Doug sorry guy's but it's a bit of a touchy thing i have emphasemia and i lost my best mate from that stuff ,and the Lawyer's tried to blame smoking instead of the factory having NO safety equipment or extractors , one of those places DO THE WORK OR GET OUT place's every country has em i got out in time one hopes , so yah sorry for the outburst , but its not a nice way to go cheers tell
  6. firstly if your useing Galvanised steel your a dick head IT IS POISON WHEN HEATED duh so many on here state this fact please read more topics , or you could die before your time secondly a flat square 5 x 5 x 1/4 then 4 triangle section's weld to a cone ( pyramid ) with the flat as the top drill the holes in the flat turn over insert into forge plate cut out bingo tuyer made now get rid of the gal shit tell sorry if the first line offends but you need a wake up jolt against GAL im sure more here would have used stonger words and most lik
  7. tell


    Yah i do know but give me a shovel mate and i tend to dig a bigger hole LOL, you could say BITE BITE but the yanks may think im beaing nasty , should i say suckerd in , i love it i love it as for living in the Colonys Hey who do you think sent you lot out here Im just here to take the balls and chains back England need's em to sell for spare money oh crap i forgot the punctuation again ,,,,,,,,, ......... """"""" ''''' ;;;;; ::::::::: <> //////|||||||| \\\\\\\ got enugh lol you put em were you like mate tell
  8. tell


    ============================================================= I forgot you dont speak real ENGLISH , and r e a d r e a l s l o w s o r r y , l o l , I was born and raised in england 62 yrs ago, we have no trouble reading english , and dont need you to tell me how to speak and write MY native english ,bloody colonial, this is a forum mate not a university with just a few sentences , i did not realise you cant read without a few dot's and commers , or know when to take breath . Lol how do you like it when i take the piss out of you yank ,now get back in yo
  9. Yes they soft but too hard and they wear the wheels out first,, but better hammer work is a must i must admit ive seen some nasty dings in them lol but you may be able to get it hardend ???? cheers tell
  10. Stuff buying one mate go to the local railways yard and get a foot of heavy rail cut or the best place is the Docks the rail track's a big suckers that the crain runs on with a 5" face yah got to learn to look and shop around not buy what you think is easyest in this game hope this helps tell
  11. tell


    yup you lot over there may make it from scrap but we have more iron ore to chuck around lol but it is the arse end of the market in reguards to metals 0.08 carbon over here ironic realy we cant get the 1050-1075 ect you can but you pay for the iron ore we mine and have laying everywere but the population here is so small there is no big demand for that high carbon stuff so they dont make it 1045 is the highest bummer yet i can get ingots in 100 lb each for just about nuthin even iron sand is only about $30 for 50lb drums wamnna swap lol, tell
  12. tell


    re bar is more on the iron side than steel so it wont rust so fast embeded it the concreabut you can make a blade and get a great hamon but the edge will never be full temper it will get a sharp edge but for just a show blade yah great stuff to use go for it look for a member called shaun from australia he made one from rebar , tell
  13. Sand to 1500 -2000 then etch you can use hot viniger or hot lemon juce but archers etchant is a 3 to 1 mix apply leave for 10min wipe off with a mix of water and Borax dry then etch again repeat the same thing about 4 to 5 times carfull to etch in the same place each time and tilt the blade in the vice so the edge is slightly faceing down or the etchant will run onto the other side of the blade and bugger it up i also find that warming the blade up helps but dont over heat it just warm to the touch donr sand down between app's somtimes even a few apps of cold lem
  14. sorry i seem to have posted twice but when your done post some pics please tell
  15. yah mate drill the one side lets say 1 inch half way then drill the TOP on the head say 1.1/4 so when you stick the handle in and drive in a wedge from the top the cut part of the handle will open up like a wedge then soak in water or oil as you prefer for about 4 to 5 days and it will grip on the 1/4 shelf the drill left in the center of the hammer you now owe me a hammer head lol, cheers tell
  16. i agree its great steel and easy as anything to work with but the blade is super sharp and tough as old boots i got 18 mts from the spring works brand new cost about $24 a mt cut so i have a good stock thanks agin for the feed back cheers the crow eaters from a bannana bender tell
  17. looks as if i open,d up a can of worms here but the fishing has to be better lol, Hey thanks heap's guys so if im getting the info correct there seems to be more than ONE steel for springs in fact Quite a few to sort out so maybe its a mission and us smiths and budding smiths have hit on a solution to the 1050-1075-1095 w1 w2 problem with a universal solution but then we hit the other prob ? some do stock removel some forge or part forge thus changing the structure of the steel and the way it reacts in a Quench my mate in Melb stock removes 1050 i forge it
  18. G-day fellas I know the frustrations getting steel I think you will find the 9260 is a spring steel if its from a suspension shop i get my stuff from a mob in the City (brisbane ) workd out at $20 a mtr 45 x 8 mm makes great blades but dam nr impossible to get a hamon thats any good , also it makes a difference if you forge the stuff or just stock remove personaly i forge the stuff and draw it out stick in the bevels ect not into Grinding im afraid to much like work for me lol, Josh is comming around to my place when he gets the time so we will sus
  19. I was informed that a steel 9260 is a good steel for japanese blades and gives a good Hamon can anyone give me the lowdown on this stuff good or bad as this guy has some for sale in the right lenth ect thanks in advance tell
  20. Easy put in a taper before you start to hammer the bevels in or draw the blade out with less width at the tip ie 1" taper down to 3/4 ' so when you hammer , this ends up just about even then gring off the exess poish fixed tell
  21. Hi the first steel sounds like 1050 so sticking it back in the oven would take the temper out of it Quick smart if it was 1075 you more than likley over heater it in the oven or it was just plain mild steel I orderd some 1050 from a mob in the states to be shipped to aussie cost a bomb and 5 weeks they sent mild steel knowing i was not going to pay for the return trip , so there are some out there who will do this be sure you get what you pay for i wont name the well known mob ,but they never answer emails glad there not in our Navey ?????? second pice 1075-108
  22. eazy mate buy three at 4 ft and two joiners then you have a 12ft hose safe as houses mate dont forget the propain gas regulator with a guage on it with a 100lb tank you will end up with a flame 8 ft long to mutch pressure is not good cheers tell
  23. g day mate i use an old car gas conversion tank lined with 2" kaowool then stick the fire bricks on the INSIDE as they do nothing on the outside and i use a 0.06 welding tip i have 3 in place on a 3ft long tank the fire bricks hold the heat in were kaowool is made to disapate heat not store it so your not getting the heat bouncing around its just gettin soaked up and transferd to the outer fire bricks rather like a aluminium heat shield in computors ect so yup id go with a drum mate hope this helps tell
  24. I use Sellys super glue you can get the big industrial bottles you dont need heaps so no leakage but you wont get it apart without splitting the wood and its dry before the blade is put in another two cents tell
  25. depends on the steel / the type of blade / Me i clay up / fire up / stick it in the water the only time i edge Quench is if it's a car spring and i dont need a through temper fully and point first Quenching normaly leads to problems get it up to none mag then just over pull it out count three shove it in the water /oil moving it back and fourth or you can do three in three out three in ect till cold what ever fit's your plan if it works stick to it cheers tell
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