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  1. thanks for the demo! never thought of laminated fabric handles
  2. hey hey, you guys are right. thanks everyone!! i sorta consider myself a internet apprentice (even thought i havent made time in a forge in a few months) since i read most of the post here. i have learned quite alot. and hope to one day be able to share my knowledge too thank you all
  3. really do like it, even the lines where the handle meet the blade, how is that step done? the only knives ive done had a smooth transition, i cant get those nice steps and flat lines
  4. SUPERB!! that horses head is sweet. do you put it in a vise nd use alot of chisels to carve it? and then grind sand it down?
  5. im a beginner far below you. but ive heard that with a good steel vs a layered blade of low and high carbons the better steel blade will work better (maybe not in all cases but carbon leeches from the high carbon layers into the low carbon layers creating a medium carbon steel) most damascus is for looks i think (am i wrong?). a flat bar stock has at one point been drawn a forged out (i tihnk are they rolled and cut ? i doubt cast) so technically u are just saving yourself the time trouble and money. but if you are going to make a traditional sword or anything then when is it not cheating unle
  6. id like to hear that magick burner formula myself.... and emore i love to hear my ideas critiqued. unfortunately there will probobally be hot and cold spots. most of my small experience has been with a gas forge and even a small one with 2 burners has some. i saw in another post for a long forge about positionging the burners at a slant so that the jets go with the flow of the forge so that alot of momentous energy isnt lost by smasing head on to the bottom of the forge.... waiting to hear from the experts on that one. ive also "heard" but not tested using a small amount of charcoal in a gas
  7. cool! i like the carved handle. how far does the tang go into the handle? is it set with anything? pitch? glue? or is it just wrapped
  8. anybody got suggestions for him? im reading this thread, very interesting. keep posting svet, hope it works out well for you. how hard is the refracory cement that you just coated? does it seem like it will last long? will the heat expansion of the 2 materials cause it to flake off? is this forge just for heat treating swords or are you going to do forge work with it also? im no expert by any means but if your going to forge with it it looks like all the heat will be in the center, so maybe it would help to have 1 burner closer to the front, and keep the back burner at the same spot???? i do
  9. i dont know much about o1 or metalurgy much at all...(only have done 2 carbon steel knifes, one hasnt even been heat treated) but i once put this piece of high carbon tool steel in the forge at school, let it heat until it got as hot as the gas forge would go (ample heat to forge spring steel and others) but this stuff would hardly budge at all durring forging. it was like i was hitting mild steel cold, a piece actually chipped off rather than move. so maybe o1 operates at higher temps? or has alloying elements that dont like to mix with the other metals?
  10. if you plan on putting lotsd of heavy stuff in your garage. than maybe you should go with the engine lift, but if its just for an anvil id just use blocks and life the heel up, slide a block in, and do the same to the other side until you could slide it on the bench. substituting larger blocjks once it got higher to have better stability. and not have to store the lift in your precious garage space.
  11. back to top, needadvise as to what to do. thanks
  12. as a begninning knife maker i have some of the same concerns. how does one test the knifes to brink of destruction? do you guys make similar "junk" knives that u use the same process on and then break them to see wht kind of stresses they can take? i guess it would depend on the steel, but could severe testing create problems later in the life of the blade? what type of test do you put your bhlades through, and what is acceptable to you? thanks jacob elmslie
  13. hey macabe, i have given him some messages on his account and even wrote a post hoping he would see that. i see he has been active on the site but i still havent heard anything. do you or anyone else know his actual email? thanks jacob actually i tried doing an email to myself and the email part goes directly to my regualr email. so either he does not read his email or he is not responding to mine. which wouldnt make sence since he originally contacted me about shipping it in the first place. so im a little confused as to whats going on with my kith knife.
  14. beautiful!thanks for takign the time and trouble to get those pics and process. really great for a beginner like me to read about. facinating. thanks again jacob elmslie
  15. hi, i am trying to contact Boo from the kith. he wrote me an email the 22nd of sept asking for my address and i gave it to him. but i have not heard back if he sent the knife and i have not received one yet. my account shows i have only sent out one email/ response. however i have sent a few to ice tigre and it seems he gets them but im not sure if boo ever did. if possible i would like to get his real email and see if he got my address or if something happened in the shipping process. thanks alot jacob elmslie
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