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  1. Hi guys ! I noticed some of you live in Canada just like me ! I am looking around for steel at reasonable price in the 1070 to 1095 range. I looked and phoned many places near me in Montreal and i hit walls all the time, prices are ridiculous and basically they try to empty our pockets with a shop-vac ! I called to get an estimate yesterday for 1075 HR 3/16" X 1" X 96" and i got a completely ludicrous fixed price of 335.00$ which equals at around 320.00 US dollars, so i felt the need to laugh heavily in the sellers hears ... Now tell me at this price should i start making knives out
  2. Hi everyone ! This spring i made the switch from a charcoal to propane forge and built this little one with steel angle to box the bricks together and the top can be opened (hinged) to replace bricks when the need comes... i made a 3/4" propane burner - not blower powered (sorry poor picture !) and it seems to work pretty well so far for forging heat ... i use it at around 7-10 psi steady with the back and front of the forge half closed. I get the forge to a red/orange heat inside no problem. I have never forge welded before and i am just unsure of its potential. I know i
  3. To put it in a few words : superb ! very elegant Steven
  4. Thanks a bunch Ariel ! that's what you don't see in books Steven
  5. Hi Luc ! Since you are in Montreal and i am on the Montreal south shore !!! I found that the best way to find one cheap around here is from lespac.com (classifieds ads) you can sometime find the best deals close by , i know i did. I had to look around a while to find one but surely you will... I started bladesmithing 2 years ago in my spare time and still am, i just made firebrick forge powered by a 3/4" propane burner and though i am still in the testing part i am beginning to get a better use out of it, i was using charcoal last year ... Anyway enough talking, good luck ! Stev
  6. Hi Mr Price ! i really enjoyed the Mokume video !!! i will try it soon as i finish my new forge, of course ... I have to try it with Canadian pennies, and i fear they do not use copper for making them (too costly, yep! cheap country). very instructive ! Steven
  7. Hi Matt ! Love your setup ! I am curious about your famous "Sanding Stick of Death" how do you hold the sanding paper on it ? Is it an adhesive backed paper or ??? Thanks Steven
  8. Simple and sturdy just what i like !!! rough and elegant at the same time... I like it alot !!! Steven
  9. Hi Sam ! i have seen what you speak about in a video from Andrew Jordan's (bladesmith from the Netherlands) website where he does this triple -"very fast" quench (more of a dip) 3 times to refine the structure in the steel... before the real hardening ... He just dunks it in, takes it out (wait for the oil to flash) and back in the forge to get up to temp again !!! i don't know if he heats it up to NM but this is probably the case... I have never tried it yet ! still waiting for spring to come (of the snow to melt) Here is a link to his website and from there you can find (at the bottom
  10. Hi Geoff ! Finally found those pictures, if they can help you i am glad if not, i still am glad I know those pieces are Granadillo which was confirmed by the giver in Mexico - sure looks close ... Steven
  11. Hi Geoff ! i am no expert at wood but it looks quite like granadillo wood. I have a picture of logs that a friend of mine brought back from Mexico and it looks quite like it ! But on the other hand it has more the color lines of Jatoba (bresilian Cherry wood)... Hepe not to confuse you !!! as i mentioned i am no expert !!! If i find that picture again i will post it here to help you figure it all out ! Steven
  12. Very nice knife ! I made one similar on my second attempt at making a knife ! But it didn't survive the heat treatment, well it did but the fact that i dropped it on the anvil right after the quench, and killed it ! Love those H pins ! i will have to give it a try ... after i remake a knife of course ! Steven
  13. Beautiful picture Arno ! This place looks so peaceful ! I hope you fished that river right ? Steven
  14. I got to go with Alan on the Boxjaw tongs - i have 2 pair and they are used and abused ! Try finding one with a v-bit bottom lip so you can even hold round bar and flat stock ! I bought mine from Blacksmith depot (Kayne and son) ! Steven !!!
  15. Wo ! This adds another step on my learning ladder ! Very beautiful !
  16. Reminds me of the Simpson's episode where they find a skeleton of a supposed angel which of course is an hoax created by a "Mega" store for a publicity stunt ... Which brings me to question myself : Where the hell to they get those ideas ?
  17. Did you try this one Bob ? i am planning on building this one as soon as spring comes (still under 4 feet of snow up here !) I want to use this one in a brick forge like this one : http://www.jamesriser.com/Machinery/GasFor...opaneForge.html Charcoal is getting more expensive every year and i can't make some (i hate suburbs) at least not without a visit from the local FD Steven
  18. Someone should hire a translator !!!
  19. I will gladly translate this for you as i am French Canadian : " The french and the first nations formed an alliance network that spread from the Atlantic coast to the top of the Big Lakes " roughly translated .... Steven
  20. That is simply impressive !!! They sure knew how to work back then ! I'd like to see the forge size needed to heat those chunks !
  21. Ha Ha ! Hi guys ! new update - my second knife has been saved I re-annealed it, normalized it, then re heat-treated it this morning and voila ! The tempering went as a charm - tempered by color in forge in a pipe to a yellow color then tempered the spine (the edge in water) with propane torch and gently brought it up to pale blue - blue color on the spine... i gave it a quick 200 sanding just to close the surface a little... I leave tommorow morning for white tail deer hunt so i really needed it ready and i can basically shave myself with it Steven
  22. Hi guys ! Here is the remaining of the first 2 knives i made... almost The top one was broken after quench - when i stupidly tried to straightening it after quench (first lesson learned) The second one was dropped or rather slipped out of my tongs just after quench and landed on the anvil of all places... I also was in a little bit of rush because of hunting season opening and all ... Speeding doesn't pay I tried a full tang and a hidden tang for the first one ! They both are made from 1/2" round 1045 Carbon steel. (I need to go bigger than 1/2") The second one i tried te
  23. Beautiful pieces ! the fittings look so darn tight !
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