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  1. Thank you Edgar, Robert. Regards Miguel
  2. Hi! It is an integral forged O1. The blue color is tempered. My first blue knife and my first inlay . Is inlaid with silver and gold (the most tiny je) in the Bolsters. The handle whale bone with pins purchased. These will remove the black and replaced it with blue epoxy. Overall length: 22.6 cm Blade length: 11cm Regards
  3. Thanks guys! Cris, I'm sorry, but there are words I do not understand your message. Remember to use the google translator. I would understand. Regards Miguel
  4. Hi ! Criollo knife.Around two years that did not work with silver. Blade 9260 hand forged. 14cm. Ebony handle. And silver 925. Regards, Miguel
  5. Brenno, Arno, Will, Shortdog, Thank you. Miguel
  6. Dave: Very good comment. I think that a knife should always be a knife. I tried this knife at the branches forming a frame. Of course it is weaker than if be solid. Whenever possible I tried to have a structure. May not be used as a bowie but cut. This clay hardened in the branches and tempering 3 times. Like is hard. Chris: these are the tungsten carbide cutters. 1 is a modification I made to the details. After sanding with the Dremel and hand. Jesus: I made several sketches. After two drawings, one on each side. Defining what is a right and left (front and back). This is a
  7. Thank you very much for your comments. Very interesting. There are some questions that I answer, but I need time to translate. Regards Miguel
  8. Hello friends! This knife is finished in January 2009. Carved with Dremmel tool. A work of almost two months and many broken bits of tungsten carbide. Blade: stainless steel d3. Length: 17.5 cm, handle: Jacarand√° of Bahia. bolsters and pins: Nickel silver textured. seath: cow leather Thanks for looking. Miguel
  9. Thanks Zoltan and Adlai. You used in the USA Bohler steels? Miguel
  10. Hi guys The year 2008 ended several knives. Here I show two. The first inspired by the Scandinavian knives. The blade is finished with hammer stainless steel N678 (Bohler). Long 11cm. sheath:cow leather Handle: Axis deer, ebony, amber and nickel silver. The other, a kitchen knife: blade 440C hand finished. Handle ebony and spacers white. Pins stainless steel. Have a good 2009!
  11. Thank you guys. I am learning chiselled silver in the last few years. "Plateria" in spanish. Miguel
  12. Hi Matt, thank you. I did all the chiselled, the handle, etc, and adjustment. Miguel
  13. This Tanto is made by two craftsmen. The blade by Miguel Gugliotta forgin w1(70%) and iron(30%). Starting with 5 layers and making 15 folds. Finaly 163840 layers! Tsuba: iron Menuki, fuchi, kashira, sepa, etc.: coper carvig. Price:(USD) $1250- + shipping. The questions are welcome. Miguel Pennacchioni
  14. I like this knife ! Excellent work. Miguel
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