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  1. Chris, Vicky and I are thinking of you.
  2. I use EvapoRust for tools/grinder. Planning on using it on the black rust that has crept up on my sons battle axe also. Dan
  3. Just a little something that has always kind of been in the back of my mind. I tend to like the least complicated solutions and to me religion seems way more complicated than just discouraging grave-robbers. Of course, doesn't fully explain the 'killed' swords found at the bottom of bogs and river bottoms. Anyway, didn't mean to distract from the jist of this thread. Scott thanks for posting the link. Very interesting. I love reading about finds of old blacksmith tooling and of course the addition of a sword doesn't hurt at all. :-)
  4. Just a thought, and definitely not intended to start any major discourse and/or hijack this thread... I know 'killing' the sword is referenced often as a ritualistic / spiritual thing, but I sometime wonder if there isn't an easier explanation (seems everything in archeology is somehow related to 'religion')... could it be that they just wanted to discourage grave robbers? 'Sword is no good for a sword, no use stealing it'... seems pretty practical to me. 'I don't want my loved-ones possessions looted.' Like I said, just a thought I have had bouncing around for a while... seemed like a good place to get others opinions
  5. Talked with Ron about earlier today. He and Phyllis are in our hearts and prayers. Phyllis and Ron are two of the best people I have ever met. Please pray for them in your own way.
  6. Deker, I hear ya... it pains me but given the size of my one-man shop it needs to go to a good home. An anvil like this deserves to be used. It will make someone real happy. :-) The prices of anvils all over has skyrocketed over that time. Not really looking to make anything on this. As I recall that is about what I paid originally. Probably more when I add in shipping. Good to hear you like your OWA too... haven't talked to anyone that had anything but good to say about their 2 horn classic. Thanks for your thoughts. Talk to you soon, Dan
  7. Thanks Sam. I hate to see her go but I have a small smithy and for the past years the 120 lb. Nimba has been pressed into service while she sits idle... Now I have one of Chuck Robinson's bladesmithing anvils arriving in the near future and my wife says something has to go... so as sorry as I am to see her go (and I don't mean my wife :-) ) she is on the block. Just looking for a good home. BTW, I love your choice of PH also. Of course, your Anyang is running and mine is sitting in my garage waiting to weld up a base and get it set in my smithy. Good to hear a high opinion of the OWA 2 horn classic from a trusted source. Talk to you soon, Dan
  8. Like-new 260# "Two horn Classic" anvil Never used. Purchased 5+ years ago from Old World Anvils. Peddinghaus-style anvil with round and square horn. Asking $1,000. Current price at Old World Anvils is $1625 + shipping. Specs. - 260 lbs. - 90% rebound. - 5 1/2" face. - 1 1/8" hardy (actual measure on face). - 1" punching hole. - 29" tip-to-tip length - 13" height. Pleae PM me if you are interested and need this beauty shipped. I am no expert in shipping but we may be able to put our heads together and figure something out. Location: Eagan, Minnesota (Minneapolis suburb) Ask for Dan.
  9. George, nice work. I really love the lines on the seax. Outstanding!
  10. I have heard that using half dollars works well... more mass, same materials, etc... sometimes difficult to get half dollar rolls. May bank seems to have no problem but not everyone is that lucky. Anyway just my 2 cents (oops, I mean 50 cents :-)
  11. Contact Christopher Poor at: Arms & Armor, Inc. 1101 Stinson Blvd. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 Chris is good enough to host a meeting of the Guild of Metalsmiths (just about) every year at Arms and Armor. Usually the the April meeting. We actually get to handle some of the artifacts! Looks like the April meeting has not been finalized yet. Either way, I cannot speak for him, but I am betting Chris would be more than happy to provide you access to the collection for this kind of research.
  12. Great to see everyone again! It was an excellent hammer-in, as always. Kind of bummed it's over sitting here at my work desk. See you all again next year. If not sooner. Dan
  13. Whoa Jesus, great weapon and what a beautiful blade! Always love to see your work. Hopefully see more of it at Bowie's this year? Dan
  14. Ric, when you start working on THAT billet, let me know. I'll definitely make the pilgrimage to your shop to help with that one. For... sure! :-)
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