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  1. I think I get it, but a pic never hurts either! No mad rush, but if you do get a chance I'd certainly appreciated it. I think this club should be all about acceptance of diversity (unless of course you're a big fat bastid, then @#!* off! )so no beard for you! I think the first rule of the club is that we can't talk about the club. Then the second rule should be that you CAN'T talk about the club.
  2. Actually, that has a pretty good ring to it, too! Too bad it doesn't have a cool acronym like NABS does. PS- We don't want any lummoxes in our club, so beat it.
  3. That's excellent! Stick figures with hammers and fiery beards! Anyone have any creative drawing skills? Back to the hammering questions... Dee, do you have a pic or example of the hammer you described as : "a slanted round that i use for bevels" ... I'm having trouble picturing both slanted AND round, so any help would be appreciated.
  4. In NY it takes an act of God in conjunction with signed permission slips from no less than three other religion's deities before you'll even be considered for an FFL. In most cases, if you didn't have one before 1994, you ain't gettin' one now. I haven't had a single opportunity to use any of my firearms in over a year, but my favorite is most likely my Remington PSS in 300 Ultramag... lots of boom and really reaches out there! I keep talking about selling it, but every time someone approaches me with any level of seriousness I get cold feet...
  5. N.A.B.S. has a pretty nice ring to it. Now we just need to see if Don will allow us to have an identifying header under our names! Does everyone have preferences in hammer shapes, as well as weights? The ones I've seemed to have the best luck with are a 3 pound drilling hammer I polished the faces of (after knocking the edges off the hammer faces, of course), and a 2.2 pound Peddinghaus. I seem to prefer choking up on the Peddinghaus, which I know is defeating a big part of the leverage advantage, but it's most likely due to my inaccuracy and lack of skill.
  6. Hi Don, Sorry to trouble you with yet another name change request, but I think it will eliminate much confusion if you could change my name to Matt Gregory, if that is at all possible. Thanks in advance!
  7. Wow, bro... that's not even right! ...and don't tell me -- you, murch and I eat as much as many third world countries produce in a year, right? My boss says that my tapeworm has a tapeworm. So really, what are we going to call our 'over 6 footer but under 160 pounder' club? Tried using a 4 pound and a 4.5 pound hammer yesterday... moves stuff fast, but I'm just not strong enough to control it properly. Back to the 3 pounder and the 2.5 pounder for me!
  8. Tyler, looks like we ought to start a club! 'No-Ass Knifemakers' has a nice ring to it, no?
  9. I've just acquired a couple hammers over the 3 pound mark, and I'm hoping to give them a shot later today. I worry that my skinny little butt won't be able to hack it for too long, though -- I'm 6'2" and 152lbs! Some of you big SOB's could likely use ME as a hammer! My head is at LEAST as dense as most of my hammer heads, too... so next hammer in, we'll give it a shot!
  10. Hey Deker, 1500 grams is 3.3 pounds not 2... (remember, 2.2 lbs per 1000 grams).
  11. Sweet video, bro.... I THOUGHT that sounded like Helmet playing in the background at one point!! Are O! and L your favorite combination?
  12. I don't know... it kind of looks like Aldo's preparing to take the power hit off the tuyere... so what's Michael going to load it with in this pic ? Seriously, it was a great demo... Michael is a driven man. I was really impressed by his knowledge, as well as his enthusiasm. I'd never have thought it'd actually be fun to watch a smelt, but it was great to witness the process!
  13. I KNEW Tim was drunk for that demo! I have a couple interesting pics from Ashokan, too... real bizarre looks on many faces. Think it was from sleep deprivation, although it could also be attributed to coal forge black booger syndrome! (CFBBS?) Here's a shot of Don proving that his level of focus can allow him to smash a 250lb Hay-Budden anvil into two pieces with his fist. Here's the next image where Don's chi has utterly failed him, the anvil is untouched, and Jerry Rados looks on in concern as Don realizes he's just shattered most of the bones in his right arm a la Wile E. Co
  14. Hey John, How big of a blower are you using with these setups? Obviously you're running them hot for forge welding, but can they be regulated to lower operating temps if you just wanted to use it for normal forging work? I'm guessing that, just like any forced induction system, you'd just cut the gas and air back... but is that a problem with a forge this big? Also, how are you insulating the top? A layer of Kaowool with ITC-100 or something? Please continue, this is of great interest to me!!!
  15. Not really sure if I'll ever do any forge welding or not, but I hate doing stuff twice. Also, it's in my nature to grossly overcomplicate things! I was hoping the rigidizer would offer enough resistance to the water in the cement mix to keep it from saturating into the Inswool... is this not the case? Your idea about casting the entire thing ahead of time is most likely the right idea... think I'll start looking for 2 pieces of concrete forms that will fit my needs. This way, I'll be able to cast the entire opening for the forge with castable, now that I think of it! Just have to get crea
  16. I'm a new guy (both on this forum as well as to bladesmithing), and this post could not have come in a more timely fashion! I have plans (and all the stuff required) to assemble a comparable forge... in fact, so comparable it's kind of freakish. MY forge will be made of a section of schedule 40 stainless steel pipe 18" long and 12" in diameter... I'll be doing 2 layers of 1" ceramic wool with the inner side of each treated with rigidizer, then I'm planning on inserting a 6" diameter piece of PVC and pouring castable around it, giving me an approximately 1" thick layer of refractory cement wit
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