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  1. Id certainly consider building a Fogg style furnace ,I've just started using mine and having a controlled heat is a big advantage over the in and out of an over hot forge (its gotta improve the quality and controlability of the whole process).



    One of these drum furnaces has to be next on my list... the forge temps are just too erratic. Owen, did you equip yours with a thermocouple so that you can monitor actual temps, and what kind of a burner did you use?


    It was good to meet you at Ashokan this year, although we got such little chance to talk!

  2. Man, wish I could make it... Rick's a great demonstrator, and incredibly talented... I've caught a number of his demos at a few of the shows I've attended during the last year, and my only regret is not managing to absorb everything he does and says during his 'seminar'-- there's just too much!


    Of course, Kevin Cashen's intensity and passion for the science of steel is contagious. I've never recuperated from the first time I watched him teach, and I likely never will! Who would have thought that I'd be reading metallurgical papers, ravenously groping for understanding, and loving it - Kevin is single-handledy to blame for that, and I can't wait to see him demonstrate again.


    Oh, well... maybe next year...

  3. I owe you an enormous apology, Ty... I promised pictures of the hammer you made me, and I've been so busy I haven' t had a chance to do anything!!!!


    My friend with the really nice camera might be coming over tomorrow... if he does, I promise to make him take a few shots for ya!


    I love it, btw... it swings very differently from a normal hammer (I got an offset style, gang), and hits differently, too. I like the difference a lot!

  4. Adlai, you beat me to it!



    Congrats guys, you'll forever be known as charcoal monkeys! :lol:<_<



    The two of you worked like machines that weekend (while Ric aparently slept :D )... are either of you planning on making the trip to Ashokan this year? I'd love to talk with al of you again!

  5. Who is that stunning youth with Mace Vitale in the first image? :rolleyes:



    The whole gig was a blast ,and it was great to meet so many new folks, as well as hang out with those I've met before.



    Hopefully next year you'll remember that you can't assemble a tent without poles, Alex! ;)

  6. Are you making him a breakfast of sugar water every morning, Karl? He's probably watching you -watching him- as you're sipping your coffee, saying "Hey! You could at least offer!!!!" :blink::P


    Cool photos! :)

  7. Don, I have no idea what to say about this knife... everything about it just works. Normally I'd want to comment on the hamon (I'm with you, btw... the activity in the steel captivates me to where I've now brought the last two 'working' knives to 2000 grit just because of what's present in there!), but everything just... flows. Too cool!

  8. Ty, I know you're gonna kill me for this (as I'm posting without actually including pics), but I mirror-polished the face of the Official NABS hammer this morning!


    So yes, Dee, I'm being a picture tease, too! :P


    I'm bringing it to Derrick Wulf's Hammer-In this weekend, and I plan on forcing a much better photographer than myself snap some pics, so bear with me! I think you'll dig it...

  9. Nick Fury, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.




    For my money, the woman that 'does it' for me in sci-fi would have to be Molly Blades (or Sally Shears, depending upon what novel we're talking about) from William Gibson's books.


    A knife guy digging her, go figure.

  10. Pictures don't do my hammer justice, Tyler!



    Guys, this is a really well balanced hammer... frankly, I think my skill level will likely be wasting this beast for a while, until my forging skills develop!



    Ty, your message box is full! I'll call you tomorrow morning!

  11. This wasn't quenched with your secret method in Cashen's back yard, was it? :blink::D




    Sweet work, man.... as I mentioned before, your work is always awe-inspiring!

  12. I received the first-ever NABS forged hammer from Mr. Ty Murch last night. It's awesome! The weighting being forward drastically changes how it feels and swings! I can't wait to get it to move some metal... hopefully later this week.


    I'll try and get pictures of it, so that everyone can enjoy it. Maybe I'll have it hanging out of my back pocket, so the absence of flesh can be perceived by all, and all who may wish to can understand the power of NABS!


    Thanks Tyler! I'll post after I've swung it a while!

  13. though ... i must admit to never forging out my own hammer ..

    hmm .. so i guess that makes me an apprentice in this society then, huh? :)


    'An unforged hammer' ... kind of a poetic sounding way of saying apprentice, dont you think?





    I assure you, Dee... I'm the only apprentice in this crowd! I've seen some of your work from previous posts, and I'll likely never possess the level of skill you exhibit!


    Now that I think of it, 'apprentice' is too polite a term for me... 'talentless hack' is far closer to the truth, I think. :blink::D


    ...you're right, though - 'an unforged hammer' sounds like a phrase that Blake or Shelley might have used.


    Im 6 foot five and 280.Guess i'll have to join the Fat Ass Blacksmith Society. :D





    That's excellent! I know a couple guys that would qualify...

  14. Hopefully the next time we meet I won't be in such a sleep deprived state!





    When you find that state, please make sure and call me to explain how to get there! :D



    The thanks should all be coming from my side, btw... you (and Kathryn) have helped me with my knifemaking more than you'll likely ever know, so be sure that the first beer (or "Blacksmith's Blend" coffee!) will definitely be on me!

  15. Well, let's see... I guess I'm a medium-assed blacksmith at 6'0/200 lbs. :unsure:


    However, in this picture of Matt with Rick Barrett at Harley's this spring, note some evidence of an ass lurking behind Matt... ;)




    Actually I'm absorbing some of Rick's ass through airborne osmosis in this picture... he told me to keep it, but it really seemed attached to him. :P

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