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  1. Okay folks, Ty Murch and I are trying to get a new organization on the Fogg forums off the ground, and it's all about being... ...well... ...weight and height disproportionate, I guess. This is an unofficial, totally meaningless, hopefully hysterical group of Bladesmiths that are all over 6 feet tall, but under 160 pounds. The name we came up with is: No Ass Bladesmith's Society or NABS for short. To my knowledge, there won't be any dues, any meetings, any rules... really, there won't be anything other than a really catchy name with a good acrony
  2. Sweet! Can't wait! The check left on it's way to you yesterday, Ty... make sure you tell me when you've gotten it! ... where do you think all the rest of the skinny smiths are hiding? Haven't heard a peep out of anyone about NABS but you and I! Think this might be a topic that would best be started in Fiery Beards, or maybe even The Way?
  3. Hey, you two! You are THE one-stop shop for all of these supplies! The amount of products that you two have added to your list in just the last year alone is incredible... and, needless to say, the wealth of information you provide for a given product is unparalleled. Ellis Custom Knifeworks has become a tremendous asset to the knifemaking community as a whole, and I figured I'd say this out loud. Now Darren, don't beat me up for this, as someone very close to you told me to keep hammering you on this, but the Forge Gallery is in desperate need of a facelift. (Okay Kath, you promi
  4. Sweeeeet! Can't wait to see it in person... to think I'll own the first official No Ass Bladesmith's Society hammer -- too cool! Check will be in the mail tomorrow morning!
  5. I agree! We need to unite, to stop the oppression of the Chosen Thin Ones by the Massive Masses. I'll be changing my sig line in just a moment to match, Ty! UNITED WE STAND!!!!! ALL 50 POUNDS OF US!!!!!
  6. Woah. That forge is a BEAST! How long does it take to get up to a forging heat? I've got enough castable refractory to put a 1" "liner" in my current forge, but I've worried that I'd have to fire the pig up and let it run for a half-hour before I could do anything, and that's about 30% of the time I get to forge, anyway! Regardless, sweet forge, for sure!
  7. I've meant to call you at least once a day for a week, Ty... life keeps getting in the way. I'll try and give you a yell Monday morning, around 9:15 or so, if that's okay? ...think you could have one (with a handle) ready for me to bring to Derrick Wulf's New Northeast Hammer-In? I'm definitely attending, so it might be able to hammer up some business for ya!
  8. Hey Ty, it's time to talk seriously about the above-mentioned Japanese style hammer, I think... would you prefer if I PM you, call you, whatever? And I want a name stamp on mine!
  9. I haven't forgotten you, buddy... just ran out of money! Got home from Larry's and realized I needed to rebuild the darn front walkway... ...any chance you would consider making a japanese-style hammer?
  10. Cool pics! I really love watching Don forge... I've been trying to replicate his style of motion lately, and it's been quite a challenge. I keep wanting to really let my arm go...
  11. OMG those are gorgeous!
  12. Great shots, Adlai! Thanks for the wrought, too. Make sure you and Dan make it to Ashokan this year, it is NOT to be missed!
  13. Sweet shots, bro! You, Ric and Stephen worked like machines for two days straight! Well, you and Stephen did, at least... Finally good to be able to put your face with your internet presence! ...contrary to your thinking, though, Cashen is a degenerate of the highest order. (It's good to know I'll see him once again later this year so he can slap me for that comment!)
  14. Here's some more pics of Harley's shindig... hope you enjoy them! Harley's Page #1 Harley's Page #2
  15. Is anyone getting together Thursday evening for anything? I don't expect to get into town until 8ish, but my guess is that even after 10 hrs in the car I'll be a bit squirrelly!
  16. Sleep deprivation has started... MAN! am I excited! ....what am I forgetting to bring, guys?
  17. Gorgeous blade, as usual Jake! ...and, I see that you, too are freshly shorn for the summer! Big change from seeing you at Ashokan! I might not have recognized you in the pics if it wasn't for the trademark vest... Mine finally got long enough to donate to Locks of Love, and it was no where near as long as your hair was. I agree with Alan... too bad you won't be at Larry's. I was looking forward to the chance of paying more attention to you working!
  18. Great knife, and great photos! Looks like you guys were having a good time!
  19. Thanks Steve! I just use 2" wide shop rolls and spray the back of it with a thin layer of 3M spray adhesive... works well! I've thought about trying Don's automotive PSA sheets, but I'll wait until what I've got is gone. Besides, it's not that much work to do... although, just like with belts, I have to force myself to change it often... just like they say, use the stuff like it's free!
  20. Rats! Tell ya what, if I've got any scratch left over, I'll email ya for one... deal? How much leeway time do you want for delivery?
  21. What would you charge for one, Ty? I might be interested...
  22. Michael, you never fail to amaze me! I'll take a copy. Do you still have my email address?
  23. I can pick out your style a mile away, Ray... and I love it! Congrats! Well-earned, for sure!
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