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  1. I covered the bottom of my forge out of about a 1/2" of mizzou, then just smeared a handful of it up the side of the vertical forge to the 'door', and across the insulation that makes up the 'door' floor. Seems to work well. Does this make any sense, or does it sound like it's been translated from another language? Sorry, it's still early for me...
  2. Excellent! My check was mailed out to you on Friday, so it will likely be in your hands by now! THANK YOU! PS- I'll work on the whole "Mr." thing, but it was beaten in to me properly at a young age, so please bear with me.
  3. Hey Mr. Harley, Is there still space for me to join in the festivities? I've just managed to confirm that I can afford to spare the time... I hope I'm not too late!
  4. I agree! Specific quenching oils produce consistent effects. I HT'd some 1084 using an interrupted quench with Brownell's Tough Quench at 150 degrees with great results. Tough Quench, if I'm not mistaken, is just within usable specs for 1084 and 1095. I need to get my hands on some Parks, though.
  5. Pretty nice, Richard! I never would have thought of remote-locating the hydraulic system- ingenious! How much scratch do you figure you have invested in the setup?
  6. Just thought I'd point out that the thermometer here reads 1 degree Fahrenheit. Supposed to get colder still later tonight. Shall I send you a box of snow to remind you of your brief encounter, Charles?
  7. Woah. That is one serious piece of hardware!!! My skinny lil' butt is getting tired just looking at it! Is it any more work to use due to its weight? Impressive craftsmanship, too!
  8. How the heck I missed this thread for this long, I have no idea. Music is how I make my living (I sell really cool HiFi gear), and I have a LOT of music. I have music on cd, LP (yes, because it sounds better), and something to the tune of 120 gig of it stored on my hard drive (and yes, I own damn near all of it.) When I'm grinding, I listen to a lot of bop and hard bop jazz (Bill Evans, Trane, Miles, Art Pepper, Art Blakey, Wes Montgomery). I mix that up with (of all things) drum and bass electronica. I know, it makes no sense, but it seems to work! When I forge, I vary from classi
  9. I got a small wheel arm for my grinder, and a countersink. AND I finished my forge. AND it works really well. AND I didn't blow it (or me) up.
  10. You know, I asked that same question and you know what they told me?
  11. I coated the inside of a one brick forge with Satanite to see if it held together better over time, and sure enough it did! Takes a pinch longer to come to temperature, but big deal... it might be something to consider, after all the work you've put in!
  12. I use a split cowhide apron for grinding, as the constant stream of sparks have set me on fire in the past. And it sucked.
  13. Kayne & Sons! I did the 164 cfm blower... LOTS of air... almost too much, or at least it would be without the gate valve. Blowers
  14. Here's a picture of it fired up, which was done for the first time yesterday!
  15. Well, my buddy finally beat me into submission and forced me into his shop to make my forge (which I've pestered him over for around 7 months now). Anyway, here's the end result of a decent day of work... mainly by Joe. I did a lot of holding, and standing around. AND I managed to jam his 12" belt grinder (which, or course, I swore to him I knew my way around... once again life showing me the importance of humility!). None of this would have been possible for me without Joe Fasolino of Neoteric Creations. I cannot thank him enough! An incredibly talented designer and welder, and a true
  16. ....and there was much rejoicing.
  17. I love your 'homebrew' micarta stuff, but it was really neat seeing how you forge the guard in! Thanks!
  18. ...and I thought I was the only Fritz Leiber freek out there... VERY cool blade, and quite fitting of your title for it!
  19. The original Buffalo wing recipe is nothing more than butter and Frank's hot sauce. The original sauce is available from the bar that started the whole thing (the Anchor Bar). Anchor Bar If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to send you a bottle! I very rarely make my own wings anymore, but I spent 5 years of my youth working in various pizzerias.... all of which are required to offer wings if they expect to succeed. That's a true Buffalo anamoly, btw -- you can't swing a dead cat by its tail and not bounce it off of a good pizzeria in Buffalo!
  20. That's pretty true to form on how REAL Buffalo wings are made (the 'nude' method, at least)... are you a former Buffalonian? If not, I'm thoroughly impressed! Most people outside of Western New York have horrible concepts of what they perceive as genuine Buffalo wings. What do you use for the hot sauce?
  21. Hey guys... make sure you're working with what you think you're working with, too! A really good guy on one of the other forums was down for a long time after working what he thought was silicon bronze but what turned out to be beryllium copper -- the heavy metal poisoning nearly killed him! Just giving a heads-up!
  22. I am a smoker monkey. I live for pulled pork. We'll have to trade recipes and techniques, Mike! I have a recipe for (you'll never believe this) meatloaf done on the smoker that is the closest approximation to orgasmic foodstuffs I've ever had.
  23. I asked Jim Siska about this at Ashokan this year... he said he didn't care, but that he used a smooth one. My guess is that it was a 50 durometer or so... softer than my serrated 70 durometer, for sure. I think his point for the 'not caring' comment was merely to point out that although it might make a difference to some, if you get good enough at using what you have you'll figure out the 'in's and out's' regardless... and he is certainly good enough. Watching him grind was like watching a surgeon - adept and effortless at the same time. Hope this helps...
  24. I work retail. I deal with LOTS of pinheads, as well as many good people. In instances where I find I have polar opposition to someone, it's easiest and best for me to cut off all contact -- and that includes any money that might have changed hands. This for two reasons, and in this order of importance for me: 1- Having to deal with someone that I am at moral, personal, or other subjective odds with almost never pays off for me in the long run. Understanding is a two way street, and if I'm the only party interested in seeking understanding, we'll never see eye to eye, and I'll suffer for it.
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