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    wife,fishing,learning how to forge a knife,celtic music ,playing the mountian dulcimer ,and trucking,
  1. charlie


    i have the same problem im burning a lot of charcoal and im thinking im doing something wrong does charcoal just burn up alot faster than coal charlie
  2. yea ive seen a guy on pbs or discovery who used a similar knife
  3. this is my first knife,a head knife made from a saw blade.the handle is made from pear wood and soaked in boiled linseed oil.the knife is ugly but my brother in law likes it . fyi the knife is used for leater work
  4. yea i was thinkng something along those lines im gonna work on it tomorrow had asection of pipe but the saftey switch in the hair dryer kept that from working need to fix it where only the fan works and no heat
  5. yes archie i get the 1 finger salute at least twice a week because im slow and in there way oh well i wave all fingers back.
  6. i figure nothing. im just gonna pound this piece around a little move in differnt directions and see what the metal does. ive never done this b4 its really awesome, and i need to tweak my forge a little to using way to much charcoali guess im suppose make a "ducks nest"or a pit or something.
  7. well i was born in muskogee okla .sept.13 1971 im a full time truck driver.(i hear the boo" and hisses)but i really enjoy my job.married the love of my life in april of this year moved to arkansas learning to hammer some steal on the side. charlie
  8. well i fired it up today an about three minutes after the fire was ready i had results .using a hair dryer for my air source. well when i can figure out how to make my pics smaller ill post them
  9. well mines tiner pronounced tie-ner most pronouce it tin-ner
  10. i was thinking the bottom side might break if u was to hit it to hard
  11. didnt know u would b on this early i meant charlie thanks ur fast
  12. can u change mine to charlie
  13. a set fit for a king :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: ur humble servant charlie
  14. thanks svet i seen that it could after i read beginners read this first i was more concerned with the slight roundness to track more than the hardness. and thanks for the tip on burning real charcoal gonna try tonight when i get home from work. charlie
  15. charlie


    :261: well today is a bust on fire in the forge i went to get it ready an was just about to lite the fire (my forging area is in the open)when the wind pick up an the clouds rolled in an kaboom the lighting crashed an the down poor comenced well theres always nextweek end.have to go trucking tomorrow oh well such is life.but i aint giving up hope.ill just have have a shot of the irish wiskey an call it good charlie damn the torpedos
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