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    Damascus, katanas, motorcicles, fossils, snorkel, history, etc
  1. Thanks guys Geoff : The mecanism is exactly like the one in the link. Its very simple.
  2. thanks very much guys !! Geoff: this is a link to a post from an spanish maker who shows the mecanism with many pictures. Its very simple to do, but requires some adjustement to work correctly. http://armasblancas.mforos.com/936813/8057077-inicio-de-bandolera-4-muelles/
  3. Thanks Miles, Collin ! I choosed this mecanism because i own an early 1900s toledan folding knife from my grandfather, and love the sound it does when openned ¨cra cra cra cra¨ that is why its named carraca
  4. Hi guys: This is my first folding knife. I made it some months ago. It has the spanish sistem ¨de carraca¨. The blade is mosaic-chevron patern, the bolsters are mosaic, the scales are elephant ivory with imperial topaz. unfortunatly i didnt take pictures of the process. i hope you like it
  5. Thank you very much guys!! these are the last photos, of the making of the sheat. Thanks for watching !!
  6. This is the final polish stage, with 1500 sand paper and simil WD 40 oil.
  7. thanks guys, your opinnions are very important for me !
  8. I forgot these pics. These are the photos of the mosaic damascus for the guard.
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