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  1. Incredible! I am working on a plain jane 5160 model of a gladius. You have inspired my thought processes, and at my age, that ain't no easy feat. Thanks for the post and the sheath is great, also. Rev
  2. This is a beautiful knife. I am sure there are tutorials online teaching the knapped look so I won't ask how but your is as good a job as I've ever seen. Thanks for showing it. BTW, my wife is not a Klingon, she's half Mexican, half German and she would have loved this as a wedding gift! (-; Rev
  3. We were all just being nice because of the fragility of your mental state and respect for your numerous years of existence. (-; That sounded like something Ron Childers would say. I have got to nicer friends. Thanks for bringing that knife with you Saturday. It is even nicer in "person." And, you made a fine sheath to go with it. Should have posted them together. See ya Wed. Rev
  4. Very Cool. Jacques is right, nice sheath. Rev
  5. Nice Ken, Bring it Saturday so I can see it up close and personal. Later Rev
  6. Hey Mike, Nice sword and I enjoy using RR Spikes, too. I helped Ron Childers at the Madison Conference teach a class using RR spikes last Friday and Saturday. We showed them a RR Spike Hawk, Heart and a Celtic Cross. Got to watch Don Fogg in action, too. Keep stuff coming. Rev
  7. Nice forge work and an awesome wrap. Different is goood! Rev
  8. I've been gone a month and you have really progressed. Keep it up, man. I'm waiting to see that sword done! Rev
  9. Real clean skinner. I'm sure the cust. will be pleased. Rev
  10. These look great. Thanks for showing. Rev
  11. Is "wildlife rehabilitation center" code for roasting pot and sweet taters? Giuseppe, a hedgehog would be a great mascot for your forge. Eats less than a dog (1 sheet of 240 grit a week), smells better than a goose (they make a mess), and costs less than an alarm system. Name him and give him la vita dolce! Rev
  12. Incredably realistic. You must have a great deal of patience. Rev
  13. With renewed interest, comes the need to BUY MORE TOOLS!!!! Me and Lowe's have a good thing going. Love the Amish look to the joinery. And the trailer is beautiful. I've always said, "My name is Jimmy and I'll take what you give me." Rev
  14. What more is there to say. Great tutorial. Thank you for the time spent. Rev
  15. Nice pics, Guy. I believe I have seen that stump in the third pic. Rev
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