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  1. Triple-post...shame on me Anyway I´ve got some more pics: Handle slimmed and contoured, guard almost finished: To do: - getting the guard to fit seamlessly to the handle (when I look at it now I should have made the guard first - fitting wood to steel is a lot easier than vice versa - but thats one of the things that make me a beginner...) - sanding the handle smooth - making the copper collar - finishing the blade I hope I´ll get all that done over the weekend. Is there still interest in progress pics, or should I just post again when finished?
  2. Great seax, beautiful handle... Like Larry wrote, I like the curvature a lot. Regards, Christoph
  3. Hi Dee, after seeing "THE blade" you posted earlier here I´ve been eagerly waiting to see something new from your shop. And what a beautiful knife that is! It would be nice to see some close-ups of the guard and handle (maybe without Tut Ench Amuns piece of toast in the background... ... ) Regards, Christoph
  4. Sorry for the double-post, but there´s an Update.... After Cutting out the steel (also 5160) for the Guard on Monday, yesterday I started fitting it to the tang. First I drilled two holes into the guard, where the tang was supposed to go, then filed the living daylights out of that little bugger so I had a pretty unpretty but tight fit about 2h later. A little refinig on the Beltsander and it looked like this: There still is a lot of material to remove until it may look right, but I think this is going into the right direction. Thanks for looking, Christoph
  5. Hi Stefano, thanks a lot for that explanation on the way you finish your knives - that really is perfection. Christoph.
  6. Wow, two in a row - really sweet work! The last "Bling" I got was from a blade that cracked on me during HT - so your kind of bling is a lot more appealing to me .... Regards, Christoph
  7. Gee, what a knife... I like the way you used the stag on this one. I don´t recall anyone making folders as beutiful as you do. Thanks a lot for showing. Regards, Christoph
  8. Hi Doug, thanks for Your comment. I haven´t got much done yesterday except of cutting some steel for the guard and bending some 4mm copper sheet for the collar. I´ll post more pics as soon as the guard is fitted. Christoph.
  9. Hi Charles, thanks for your comment - it means a lot to me. I sure hope those vests work... on the other hand, I´ve seen her breathe fire and turn fierce animals (our dog) into stone by mere looks - but thats mainly why I married her
  10. Hi Jake, I really don´t know how to comment a piece like this, I´ve been lurking around this marvelous piece from the first picture you posted and I´m really blown away, by each detail you showed up to now. The Tutorial really was one of those "lightbulb pops out of my forehead" kind of moments - thanks a lot for taking the time! Regards, Christoph.
  11. Thanks a lot Bob - I´ve got three more hours at the office - can´t wait to get back at it...
  12. Hi Ariel, lovely blade, the large texture really rocks - my first thought was - there´s a squid on the blade. I Like the buckles too, while the san-mai is my favourite. Thanks a lot for showing. Greetings, Christoph.
  13. Hi, looking at all the marvelous pieces here on the forum, I´m afraid this one may drown, but since the main inspiration for making this knife came from here, I´ll try anyway . I thought I´ll start a little pictorial from a beginners point of view, as this is the first knife for me to work out almost completely as planned (as far as it´s completed yet...). All in all its my fourth blade you can actually cut with - tried it, my fingers still hurt. As to why it´s a "Ladies" Bowie - I am going to make it for my wife (and what a Lady she is!)- she has her third 29th birthday on t
  14. Hi azm1ke, I totally agree with Sam, esp. the "witch"-knife and the fourth one are awesome! Thanks for showing. Regards, Christoph.
  15. NICE!!! I like the design a lot. Simple shape, perfect size. Maybe you could share how you do your Mirrorfinish while keeping such sharp lines? Do you use a polishing machine or is it hand-finished? Regards, Christoph.
  16. when you look at the bloodstains on the floor after cutting deep into your hand with an angle-grinder thinking "that kind of pattern would make a wonderful hamon"
  17. Same here in Germany, opens perfectly on Firefox and Internet Explorer 6.... Christoph.
  18. First hing to say for me is - I don´t like modern tantos! But this one makes me get all romantic about. The way you let the influences of the old art get into this piece is stunning. Love the choji, and the "tsukamaki". The spine makes it stand out of the standards. Good luck at the show. Christoph
  19. Hi again, Sven from the german Messerforum also posted these yesterday adding another link to the list: from 1904 (my preciousss ) He also dug up some very nice Historical Books from the American Libraries archive site: Here all beautifully scanned to .pdf and various other formats - a great resource! Christoph edit: the fourth and fifth book are from opelibrary.org and only for online-reading
  20. Hi Sam, nice link you dug up there. I especially like the scene at the end of part 1, when there are about seven guys hitting one place with their huge hammers (you can see one waiting for a while´til he finds his place to fit into the rhythm) - now that´s teamwork! Christoph
  21. Verry unusual, indeed! If fitted to a saya, the habaki too must have been monstrous. Correct me on this if I´m wrong but to give it a good fit the narrowest part of it would have been at least as thick as the thickest part of the blade. A mighty chunk of copper would have been necessary ! Regards, Christoph.
  22. I like the shape of the blade a lot! The handle reminds me of a Higonokami (those little japanese utility knives).
  23. Thanks a lot for your comments and support! I Guess I will get it finished over the weekend. I´ll post the last set of pics next week.
  24. JESUS! (pun intended ) That turned out very nice. Esp. the side you show with the cutting edge up is unbelievably beautiful! Thank you for showing it. Christoph
  25. Hi, here´s a little Update. The Sheath is almost finished - a little cleaning on the outlines and some sewing to be done: and I added the chamfers: I spent some time on pushing the finish a little forward and now one can at least see the hamon (though it´s not as clear as I want it to be) - I guess I´ll do some etching now... Christoph
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