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  1. Thank you Greg: no, it's not grappage, but i made one last week, very big one this blade is just damascus. Adlai Stein: There is about 150 layers... Eve it seems to be more layers on a face of the blade ! Yes, it is ebony but i don't know the name in english of the second wood in french, it is some "buis" Bye !
  2. Hello I have just finished this one, xc100, xc75 and 35ncd 16 damascus, 20cm long and 8 cm of blade. Thank you Bye !
  3. I really love your sword!! wonderful blade... That's a lot of work! Bye
  4. That is just amazing Fittings are really wonderful !!
  5. Thank you all Edgarfigaro: yes, i think it is ferric chloride ( it is a litlle bit orange or yellow ) and that's it: hard damascus for the cutting edge, pure iron for the pine and and then san mai with "grappage" for the sides ("medium hard" one(... Hi Jacques Bye!
  6. That hamon is really wonderful !! I love this kind od "moving" hamon...
  7. wow that's a lot of work !! And a very beautifull knife !!
  8. Thank you Greg thomas: i used "perchlorure de fer" the most common acid in france for damascus... Used for electronic too! Bye!
  9. Hello everyone! I haven't post anything here since a wile but i was still reading and looking to all your works... I have finished a small knife and a longer blade from the same steel: first i made a steel by firing this into this furnace: Finally, i got this: Ten i made a damascus with 210 layers from a lot of "XC100", some "XC75" and a little bit of "35NCD16" Finally i welded pure iron on the damascus and "home made steel" on the side of both of us : Then, i forged the blades and i started the handle of the small blade So here it is finish: Thank you, i hope you'll like it and that my english was not too bad Bye!
  10. The gard is really gorgeous !! Strange and beautifull design. Great forge work !
  11. Hello yes we met in Paris, it was very nice to talk to you, even i didn't say all what i would like to say in english Thank you
  12. arthurH


    Hello tonu ! I saw this knife in sicac and thought it was a wonderful dagger, i told you i love the design of your knives Bye
  13. Hello Umbo, Nice to see you here Great knife, i hope i could see it in Sicac next week end
  14. Hello Michael: thank you for the explanations, and now i can say grappage in english It's not really my first smelt, but my first big one. As the blade.. Yes, i am studying design in "Ecole boulle", which is a school where people go to learn wood work usually, but not only... Jacques: see you in gembloux ? Maybe, but a little bit far from paris. I would like to come Bye
  15. Thank you Jacques, and it's not my father who did the photos P.Abrera: A grappage process, is exactely the same process used with ore once the bloom is made. The difference is that you put little pieces of steel, pieces of damascus, pieces of bloom you can't use, etc in the furnace.. So the firing is shorter ( about two hours ) for a result practically similar sometimes. Bye !
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