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  1. There may well be a lab local to you, that could verify the age of said material and give updated paperwork while I have no interest in modern illegal harvest ivory, the old fossilised and shed etc, is a stunning material I would also add, I do not think ignorance is a defense if you are pulled at customs for selling buying travelling etc, The C,I,T,E,S regs are worth a few mins to read etc, I know many of you already know, but for the search engine thing etc, personally I would box it up and store until things either change or you have a piece you think is worthy of the material, micarta or bone is good for spacers,
  2. https://www.metropolitanleather.com/ At the prices you guys mention, you can buy here and ship cheaper than over there, which to me seems insane, maybe its karma for all the nice steel you guys can get at less than we can ship, the above company are fantastic, super quality and good people, they were brilliant when I popped in, and have some fantastic stock on the shelves, worth an email, if looking further afield, Brisa are a good company too,
  3. RWI seemed decent when I spoke to them, offered to buy the stuff I had, asked me to have the demo company contact them for the rest of the fences, passed on the details explained the heritage issues etc, also added it was 2-3 times scrap value, not sure if they did or not, site supervisor held a couple of panels for me till I got there in the van to collect, workmates thought I was dumb not to scrap it, school across the road has 1" square bar fence, thankfully not replaced with modern spike yuk,
  4. Thanks guys, sounds like I got double lucky with the decent stuff I bagged,
  5. Any thoughts as to wrought iron fences we see a lot over here ? 1860-1880 ish, 1/2" round from a church fence on cut and break test, fine to semi fine paint bristle look to break, 3/4" square school fence larger coconut bristle type look on break, but could be getting them mixed up, also thought i'd found a good find, only for it to be a cast iron fence, always cut and break test now, anyone else cant not bring it home if it's off to be dumped ?
  6. Being a huge Gemmell fan, Trying to find writers that can get you as interested has been hard up till the last couple of year's, but of late the writer's I've been happily reading and looking forward too are, Peter V Brett, the painted man series', listed as the warded man in the states, Brent Weeks Lightbringer series, Joe Abercrombie, Read three or four, all good, But one or two of the gems has to be, Anthony Ryan, Bloodsong and Tower Lord, definitely gives you the Gemmellesque, chill's and tear in the eye feeling, The name of the wind books already mentioned are excellent, Also another great book, Merchant Navy orientated, Peanut, by John Cecil, jewel of a book, set in the real world, read it in between a handful of the above and easily held it's own as an enjoyable read,
  7. Beautiful knife, As mentioned, always have to check your thread's for goodness,
  8. LeeO

    send a sword to USA

    What is the actuall post issue your having ? I've sent a few over to the States, Expensive from here to there though, for example, last one sent on 3-5 day tracked and signed, £84.00. There is a couple more boxes to fill in on the form,and the usuall declaration to sign etc, But nowadays its getting harder to find carriers who will actually ship swords, unless you have an account, the majority now have knives and swords on the excluded list to carry, try your normal post carrier first, before looking at courier firms, and as mentioned, the packaging must be nigh on indestructible, as if the sharp comes through, its lilkely to be binned as dangerous to staff, Also don't forget, declared insurance value is all that can be claimed for, no exception's.....
  9. Looks Excellent Kevin, Well Done, Been a pleasure watching it all come together,
  10. Look's good Al, Nice to see you have a site back up,
  11. Beautiful piece Michael, Grand hilt, but that blade, top class,
  12. LeeO


    Old Bone needs to be added, Good words Randal,
  13. LeeO

    Arc welder

    James, All, I wouldn't dismiss this welder out of hand, but upfront, Pull the handle and replace it with a decent one, £10-15 local welding shop, apart from that, with decent welding rod's not the Aldi one's it's easy worthy of a £50 investment, it surprised me the improvement of the whole unit with a new decent handle, melted the first, the handle is actually the only cheapie part of the unit, pot metal clip rod retainer, pretty much the rest on par with the £150 up models I've seen or rented for odd jobs at work, as a general back up carried on the van it paid for itself on the first job, a lot easier to lug than my 150 mig unit, pro's, very cheap, 3 year warranty, 30+ day return policy,small footprint, can handle most small+ job's, cons, crap handle, crap rods via aldi, Excellent advice above on the mask, get the best you can, you'll be glad you did, courses are a great option too, keep an eye out at your local auction house for welder's, Sealey have been doing some reasonable deals on mid range unit's, and a shop local to me cyclomart, had TIG units for £200 but i'm only a hobbyist, my bro in law is a professional TIG welder ,boating and engineering industry, he's took this little stick welder on a few occasion's to do favour's for his mate's, and cant understand how they can do the unit for £40, as to the mig cost's, gasless wire isn't too bad costwise, if your not doing a lot, if you think you'd do a lot,and stainless the gas cost is sensible, I have the gasless from work, don't do SS so it hasn't been an issue, as a learner and hobby unit it's not bad, if you think you'll put a lot of hours on it per day, hard to say, but i'd happily say, it's one of the suprises to the get what you pay for general rule, same with a lot of the Aldi stuff, especially Murphys and those barbecue coated peanut's,
  14. Sent these a mail for an estimate, http://www.master-abrasives.co.uk/ for 2"x48" belts, anyone else had dealings with them, or like the look of the blurb on the site ?
  15. Kevin, well done, fantastic blade, for the critical, the outfit is far more deserving than paracord, silk, same- same plus wire, leather, bone, exotic wood, yes, not knocking cord, but this deserves a higher quality handle cover, The way your going, the fittings will be as complete as the blade. sooner rather than later, well impressed mate, good job,
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