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  1. All long:248mm Knife blade length:130mm Knife blade width:23.5mm Knife blade thickness:4.5mm Degree of hardness:HRC58-60 Knife blade material:damascus Haft material:Brass、Black wood、Stainless steel、Maple Knife sheath material:Leather Include an express delivery:$480.00
  2. This is I do to hunt knife for the first time Chop down bone very relaxed
  3. All long:380mm Knife blade length:248mm Knife blade width:50mm Knife blade thickness:6mm Degree of hardness:HRC60-62 Knife blade material:D2 Haft material:Brass、Red wood、Black wood、Leather、Stainless steel Knife sheath material:Leather、Fragrant wood Weight:1.75Kg
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