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  1. Sincere apologies about the image size. Forgot BSF doesn't have a resize function! Will fix it!
  2. Hey everyone! Been a while since I have posted here, although amidst renovating a shop, moving closer to said renovating shop, graduating college, and becoming a full time teacher and knife maker, somehow I forgot about BSF! Quickly i'd like to say, I'm exceedingly jealous that i am not heading to Alaska this weekend for the most bad-ass sword seminar to have ever happened in the past 1000 years. I do hope you all are safe, but not too safe! So here is my catch-up post. I would like to introduce my new LLC "A. Davis Metalworx" that will be solely my teaching and knifemaking business
  3. That said, how "stainless" is it? Unfortunately I have no experience working with stainless (exclusively use 10xx steel) but have been looking for better option. Would this be a decent stock removal steel for medium size blades? Also what type of surface does it have? will it take patina? or does the finish act like 440C? More importantly, how do you heat treat it? I think i'd only be down for maybe two or three sticks, but looking at the prices makes me question giving up such a great deal :| another question I had was, what is the forge-weld characteristics of this stuff? can i
  4. Hey everyone, just got sent this from a friend in an email today. Looks like some interesting stuff. Does anyone have any more information on this type of steel? what would it's use be? quench? ect? Thanks, Here is the LINK
  5. This past week I have been rather busy working on these 4 knives. I took a break from commission work for a while and have been cranking out some things that i really enjoy, so here we go! Knife #1..... I've been calling this guy "Roughmans Edge" because it is the thickest stock i have worked in so far. it's 1/4" thick spine with a flat grind then a couple seconds on the slack belt to blend everything. The blade is forged from ATV drive chain. I had a good supply of it, and decided it was time to make something out of it. It's funky stuff to weld up. very difficult to get it t
  6. I finally went to the shop this afternoon. I had been gone for an extended period due to the newlywed lifestyle and being in school for the summer. However I managed to escape to the shop for some much needed steel. A quick thanks to everyone who congratulated me and my new wife, we are very happy to be together and she has even gone as far as to let me keep my grinder in the garage instead of her car! Boy did I pick a good one! Now for the knife. This is just some plain 1075 from Admiral. This was my first attempt at getting a hamon line. I used chimney mortar for the clay and Parks 50 f
  7. Found this. I'm kind of suspicious of it due to the price. However it has all of the veriables i need. What do you guys think? http://cgi.ebay.com/VARIABLE-FREQUENCY-DRIVE-INVERTER-VFD-3KW-4HP-13A-NEW-l-/260662168498?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb0ad0bb2
  8. Here are some photo's depicting the flat platen and all the bells and whistles this thing has. I think I will be very happy once I get this thing installed!
  9. Hey guys, I'm in the same boat. I'm looking to get a VFD with an input of 220V 30amp single phase, and output to my 4HP three phase motor. I will email you later wayne to get your opinion on a VFD. Thanks
  10. Hey everyone, purchased the grinder, I saw it run in the shop and it is an absolute BEAST. One thing I didn't realise it how versitile this machine is. There is a flat platen on the top of the machine that is 3" by 16" and it has a 8" contact wheel. The platen and dust box can be removed so I can grind verticly as well. The seller had to rip me away from it so i could give him the cash. UNFORTUNATLY. I need to get either a phase converter (i'm thinking static for financial reasons). OR a VFD (some VFD convert single, to 3 phase). Any suggestions on places to look for a VFD?
  11. Anyone have a guess at what the electric pull will be? 220? I will be seeing the gentleman tomorrow to witness it run and to get some more info on what exactly it is, and if I can change contact wheels. I will be sure to keep you guys up-dated.
  12. LOTS of belts, $50 for 10 of them seems to be the norm. comes in all sorts of grits. we would use low grits mainly.
  13. I have a guy who posted on a forum who offered this machine of unknown origin to me for $200. my question to all is.... Should I buy it? It runs, I'm going to see it in action tomorrow. The base says "wilton" and it looks like the unit was made for the base, so i'm assuming it is a Wilton Grinder. It has a 3" by 79" belt and runs at what he described as "EXTREMELY high speeds for a beltsander". However he has no other info on it, and he couldn't find a model number or anything. It APPEARS to have a 4 or 5 HP motor on it, and I REALLY hope it's 220 and not bigger. If anyone
  14. I am enrolled in a casting and marriage of metals (Mokume Gane) class at the local University. here are a few of the projects i have been working on with the casting aspect of things. The ring and toy soldier are centrifugal, the texture studies are vacuum castings. I will post a few pictures of the things I’ve done in Mokume in the following weeks, but for now I'm focusing on getting the castings out of the way so i can clean them up later. Most of these castings I have not done any clean up, other than grind the sprues off. These all came out of 3 flasks, one had all the texture
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