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  1. It was good seeing you guys.
  2. Knife , Antique Arms, and Firearms Engravers Guild show next weekend Jan. 17-19 anyone going ?
  3. thought this would be of interest to all you making steel. ebay item #111229032538 sorry i don't know how to set this up as a link scott
  4. This looks like it will be another good one, the new location sounds very nice, see you there.
  5. Caleb come on down to the hammer-in next month in Visalia Oct. 18-20 , there will de a green coal ( propane ) forge set up and you can get some hands on forging with a ABS master smith to help you get some of the basics down. and it's a total blast.
  6. Dan, if you need some i can bring it to the hammer-in. Scott
  7. Matt that's outstanding, all the parts work together incredibly well, is that the one you started at the BKS hammer-in. Scott
  8. Hi all, fresh off the bench. 8 3/4' W2, 1018 color case hardened guard & spacer ( Thanks Podmajersky ) blue anodized titanium spacers and black wood. 14" LOA Scott
  9. Hi all, Just got a copy of the book James A. Schmidt the great master by Francesco Pachi. What a beautiful book! great photography of his work, and history of the man. I highly recommend it. Scott
  10. Room booked at the Homewood suite. Thanks Theresa & Bruce. This will be a fantastic weekend. Scott
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