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  1. Hi guys I haven't been on here for quite some time. Does NJ Steel Baron have a new web page everything I try shows no longer in use message 

    1. Joshua States
    2. Alex Middleton

      Alex Middleton

      He was apparently having some website issues late last week.  From my understanding, it's fixed now.


    3. Scott Mack

      Scott Mack

      Thanks, I thought that might be the case.



  2. It was good seeing you guys.
  3. Knife , Antique Arms, and Firearms Engravers Guild show next weekend Jan. 17-19 anyone going ?
  4. thought this would be of interest to all you making steel. ebay item #111229032538 sorry i don't know how to set this up as a link scott
  5. This looks like it will be another good one, the new location sounds very nice, see you there.
  6. Caleb come on down to the hammer-in next month in Visalia Oct. 18-20 , there will de a green coal ( propane ) forge set up and you can get some hands on forging with a ABS master smith to help you get some of the basics down. and it's a total blast.
  7. Dan, if you need some i can bring it to the hammer-in. Scott
  8. Matt that's outstanding, all the parts work together incredibly well, is that the one you started at the BKS hammer-in. Scott
  9. Hi all, fresh off the bench. 8 3/4' W2, 1018 color case hardened guard & spacer ( Thanks Podmajersky ) blue anodized titanium spacers and black wood. 14" LOA Scott
  10. Hi all, Just got a copy of the book James A. Schmidt the great master by Francesco Pachi. What a beautiful book! great photography of his work, and history of the man. I highly recommend it. Scott
  11. Room booked at the Homewood suite. Thanks Theresa & Bruce. This will be a fantastic weekend. Scott
  12. That is sweet Dave, love the rough and smooth, is the Palm stabilized ? Scott
  13. Hi all, just finished this one. 7" 5160, mystery wood snd 416ss Scott
  14. Hi Joe, I will be around the shop Sunday if you want to stop buy and check out my forges. Scott
  15. I'm looking for quality snaps, buckles and the like, not the stuff that tandy sells. Thanks Scott
  16. Joe, are you going to the California hammer-in Oct. 19-21 it could be a big help to you, not to mention alot of fun! Scott
  17. John take a look at mcmastercarr.com swivel leveling mounts #611K311 5000 lbs load each, $10.50 each. 1/2"-13 eye bolt #3014T491 2400 lbs workload each, $5.00 each. Scott
  18. That looks like a good start, I would recommend two additions, first leveling feet, second drill and tap 1/2"-13 holes in your table top on a 12" grid. Both will make fabrication much easier for future projects. Scott
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