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  1. Thanks everyone! The kind works mean a great deal to me.
  2. Hi, It's been a while since I have been able to post anything up here, so it is nice to be back. Some time ago I was contacted by a client who was interested in having 4 swords made. Each sword would represent a different season and would be made by different smiths. I was lucky enough to be able to have get the season of fall. I meditated on the concept for some time before I felt that my idea was appropriate. There is little evidence to suggest that the peoples of Northern Europe recognized the season of fall the way that we do today, and there are even fewer "seasonal motifs" in the
  3. These are great! I really like your work Lukasz!
  4. Wow, thanks for the kind words! I very much appreciate them! Alan/ Richard I have another pic here. This is the reverse side but it is a little closer . Niels The POB is 12 cm from cross and the weight is almost exactly 2 lbs 8 oz. . OAL is 92 cm.
  5. I am forever impresed and inspired by your work Petr! It is always fantastic!
  6. Hello, I wanted to share a sword I have been working on lately. This is an inspired reproduction on the Steinvik sword. It has been a dream of mine to reproduce this sword since the day I first saw it and I am grateful for the opportunity. The repro varies from the original somewhat as I was given very direct instructions and measurements by my client. The width and length vary slightly from the original as does the lack of silver inlay. The measurment changes have made for a very pleasant feeling sword in balance and weight. The POB is 12 cm from cross and the weight is almost exactly 2 lbs
  7. Hello . Here is a hawk I made forged from a 50 cal barrel with a 1070 bit. The handle is hickory, with brass tacks a leather gasket and a white tail tine plug.
  8. It Looks fantastic Petr! I love how you tackled the handle ising the chip carved style. What a package!
  9. This is awesome owen. I REALLY like the look of the highly refined steel on the edge.
  10. Oh ,thats interesting Dan. I hadn't considered that . Perhaps they simply soldered on silver sheet in some areas and cut away what they wanted to remove. It makes for a good explanation for the background tool. I think similar work was possibly used on "anglo saxon " type L hilts. In that silver was soldered to the surface and a design was cut in. Well now there is something new to try.
  11. Hi Scott, I did indeed use the sword you mentioned as my inspiration. Im fairly certain that the silver wire on the sword from the Reichstad is raised. The surface isn't as coroded as it initially appears. You can still make out the tiny circles from the tool used to stamp the background in several places. Jeff
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