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  1. beautifu work, as usual Petr!
  2. Jesus That was a really really great vid! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thank you for the kind words folks! Vaughn- The antler is ground almost to the crown and I cleaned the crown with 0000 steel wool. It is not as clean a in the pics which are kind of crappy I didnt spend any time sorting out light quality for them.
  4. Here is an Anglo-Saxon/Scandinavian Belt and knife. The blade is bloom steel folded coarse. Handle is bronze ,blackened oak, and antler crown. This was a very quickly made Christmas present. I think it has a nice home spun feel to it. I took liberties drawing from both Anglo-Saxon and Viking cultures. The sheath and belt are tooled with staffordshire hoard images and the handle is carved with the same griping dog motif. Jeff
  5. Wow great pictures! Just another reason to get a beter camera. I'm glad you liked the axe. Jeff
  6. and the official safety instructions My link This one is kind of graphic
  7. This looks great! It's like Christmas meets Jurassic Park
  8. Thats beautiful Jared. will that be a gift ?
  9. That is really awsome Serge! I love how the blade is fastened to the handle. Brilliant work. Jeff
  10. Thanks a lot guys! I forgot to mention I owe a huge thank you to Stephen Pollington for getting me a period translation for the runes. He is a fantastic scholar and if you aren't familiar with his work I his work I more than recomend it. My link Kevin- I used a 2 inch contact wheel for the fullers. Jeff
  11. odd I shrunk all these down on photobucket, why do they look so big here.
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