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  1. Very very nice work Petr!. One of the nicest I have ever seen.
  2. Thanks Guys! Dave, the blade is slightly hollow ground, thus the sharp ridge. Dan, I don't mind if you share at all, thank you! As to the name, this is a more ornate version of an earlier knife I had made. The first one was an athame, but this one, to my knowlege, is not.
  3. Here is a piece I have been working on. Blade is 500 layer damascus, and the handle is carved bridseye maple and bronze. The sheath is tooled leather with a wooden core. Further images can be found on my facebook work page. Jeff
  4. Excelent work my friend. You have out done yourself again!
  5. Than Sir, is a masterpiece!
  6. Beautiful work Richard! I really like this one!
  7. Hey Sam, Thanks for the offer but I am mostly looking for a long term source. I currently forge the stock from round then use it for damascus, but finding hot rolled would skip that step.
  8. Does anyone know of a source for 1045/50 in flat barstock? I know admiral has some but their cutting fee is pricey.
  9. I think Sam Salvati makes Japanese hammers he's on the forum here. Give him a shout.
  10. Here are some scabbard pictures.
  11. Thanks Guys! Petr is an awesome artist. This was a really great opportunity to try a very fun project with him. Creativity simply oozes out of his head. He knows more about dark age art than anyone I've ever met before.
  12. This sword has been sold. Thank you very much gentlemen!
  13. Here is a sword I have recently finished. It is a +vlfberht+ with a high layer laminated blade. Edge is a high carbon and core is low carbon. The hilt parts are wrought iron inlaid with silver. The handle is a tooled leather wrap done in a mammen style motif. Further images can be found on my facebook work page My link . This sword is also for sale, any interested people can PM me for details.
  14. I forgot the numbers weight 2 lb 9.75 oz OLA 93 cm blade length 78.5cm width at cross 5.3 cm POB 13.5cm from cross
  15. Thanks Guys! Sorry Al, I missed your earlier post. The blade is piled. Jeff
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