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  1. Thanks Guys! Dave, the blade is slightly hollow ground, thus the sharp ridge.


    Dan, I don't mind if you share at all, thank you! As to the name, this is a more ornate version of an earlier knife I had made. The first one was an athame, but this one, to my knowlege, is not.

  2. Thanks Guys! Petr is an awesome artist. This was a really great opportunity to try a very fun project with him. Creativity simply oozes out of his head. He knows more about dark age art than anyone I've ever met before.

  3. Here is a sword I have recently finished. It is a +vlfberht+ with a high layer laminated blade. Edge is a high carbon and core is low carbon. The hilt parts are wrought iron inlaid with silver. The handle is a tooled leather wrap done in a mammen style motif. Further images can be found on my facebook work page My link .


    This sword is also for sale, any interested people can PM me for details.





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