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  1. I'm already committed to filling up the house oil tanks with biodiesel for the next fillup. A WVO forge is on the list in the "one of these days" file as well. Maybe it'll offset the coal forge, I dunno.



    hey alan.. what is a wvo forge....oh, and i worked with a guy who once owned a diesel burning forge. the thing was huge. he claimed it would just liquify steel blocks.. perhaps something like this could run on biodiesel..i wonder if the frenchfry smell would come off?


    cheers jeff

  2. i've used fine white silica sand from a sand blaster for flux on a mild steel lap weld and it worked just fine..i generally use 20 mule borax though just as it is.. i am told that you can cook the borax pure and gring up the remains and wind up bassically with a form of anhydrous borax. good luck jeff

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