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  1. hey i've had mild steel (or so they say) crack in water. Don't let a few crack get to ya......wait till you start welding damascus (SHEESH)...Hell.. I hear that even professional (traditional)japanese sword smiths scrap blades on a regular basis. and you know THEY must be pissed, by it. but they keep at it.. in all honesty i've ruined more blades than i've finished (thankfully i'm a blacksmith for a living and not a bladesmith i'd be awfull hungry) most importantly have fun keep trying keep learning and ....well...well just have fun

  2. hey great forge it looks like the first forge I ever built. just a note though. If thats a galvanised pot you are using be careful that it dosent get too hot. Galvanizing fumes are dangerous.(if you dont already know that) so if you see some nasty yellow smoke get away from it. cheers Jeff

  3. hey sam you can find the spece from the branco website www.branco.cz thats the distributer,they sell all kinds of stuff.


    hey sam you can find the spece from the branco website www.branco.cz thats the distributer,they sell all kinds of stuff.


    i guess that was just incase you didnt get that the first time.


    by the way dont be supprised if you find bondo on it. its generally to conceal small pits. I freaked when I found some but after digging it out and making some calls I found out that they are purely cosmetic. After digging it all out I didnt find anything to worry about on mine.

  4. he wants a blade that shines in the sun right? well then show him the pics. the polished one clearly shines like the dickens and the other one only shows the upper layers.let them pick what they want. How well oes the pattern show up if you arent in ther sun? That may be important too. why not ask them? you should let them see what their possibilities are then let them make a choise. in the grand sceme of things is it not the two of you who are working on this? you made a demo blade so show it to them why not? cheers Jeff

  5. those guys at old worl anvil are the best. they deal with the same supplier that I do up here in canada but the knew sooooo much more about what they were selling. When I was thinking about getting a new anvil they gave me all the info I could possibly want. and their prices are definatly worth it.(if you live in the same country that is)I bought their supliers habberman model (best deal on a new anvil out there by the way) and I havent a thing to complain about. you cant beat a good face and you can re grind and re harden a cast anvil and not have to worry about your plate cracking off. ,....well......this is starting to sound like a sales pitch so i have to go cheers jeff

  6. hey thats a great post rob, i deffinatly have to pop in an meet you some time when i'm back home. I'm not certain but I think that the smith who entered into a pact with the devil was tubal cain, (if anyone knows otherwise let me know.) I also heard that in scotland for years the first furrow was layed with a wooden plow because iron cuts through the lay lines. the others were afterward cut following the first


    . Its makes senst that iron in an entry way to a house would scare off offending spirits (or other tribses men) if you could waste some to just hand in a door or window then you probably had a knife or other farm tool made of it cheers and please post any other blacksmiths myths anyone knows jeff

  7. wow that a great project jake. i've seen some of your dads work in toronto. you wouldnt happen to have pics of the bits he's working on too would ya? Ill definatly have to go and see it when its done. so ya gotta let me know when that is. cheers and keep up the good work jeff

  8. hey sam thats a great story. I'll definatly have to rember that one. All the myths I had heard were about spirits hating iron. I wonder if there is a book on blacksmithing folklore.

  9. now I know that horse shoes hung above a door are generally hung "points" up to prevent the luck from running out , but I recently heard that a smith can hang them the other way. anyone else ever hear about that?

  10. assuming that you are making a hot cut hardy, at our shop we always draw out a slight taper so at least 2 inches or more will just fit in the hardy. cut off so you have a 3 inch lump jutting up. upset into hardy then take out and shoulder over edge of anvil. be sure its thin and has only a gradual taper. too thick and it wont cut worth a rats ass cheers. oh tea i also prefer to bevel it to one side only so you can get a flat cut if you like

  11. green sounds just about right.i gotta find me a deal like that some time. hell even twice that much would one helluva good price. i tried to get one from the european distributer but they just forwarded my email to the local dealer here.

  12. ya i'm looking into getting the haberman "type" that old world anvil sells. I really like the mass and the fine horn etc and as far as a 200kg new anvil is concerned its the least expensive one i've found yet. Granted it would be nice to get a used anvil in the 300 - 500lb range but their imposible to find at least in good conditioin and are just about as expensinsive. I'm not really interested in any of the other inexpensive european styles on acount of the shape being kinda usless for alot of forging procedures

  13. hi. if your looking for scrap type knife steel (and your having a hard time hammering out leaf spring you can try old files, old lawn mower blades, old roto tiller blades and the like. Keeping in mind what allan said about microfractures that is. The files may be slightly trickier to heat treat but they would make the hardest knives out of the afformentioned list. Be sure and ask how to heat treat what your using. Having your first few blades really work out can really get the fires burnin. good luck have fun and ask as many questions as you can jeff

  14. hey bob, i like that little knife its got a great shape. I noticed that it has a curved tang. how do you intend to put a handle on that. I really like curved handles but I havent found a really nice way to put a handle on a curved tang yet. some imput on that would be a real help thanks jeff

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