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  1. Thanks you gentlemen!


    Mike, I have a powerhammer and recently have aquired a press, though it needs to be converted to a forging press. In one shop I once worked at I was the power hammer for a few years.


    Greg, I used a 6 inch wheel for the fuller.


    Eric, I also quite like the name Leifr! I will stick with that!




  2. Here is a sword I have recently finished. It is a +vlfberht+ with a high layer laminated blade. Edge is a high carbon and core is low carbon. The hilt parts are wrought iron inlaid with silver. The handle is a tooled leather wrap done in a mammen style motif. Furthe images can be found on my facebook work page My link.


    This sword is also for sale, any interested people can PM me for details.





  3. Brownells was over $350 for what I needed. I looked into Houghtons salt but they will only sell me 400 lbs. The price is way beter on the Houghtons but I can't find enough people North of the Border who want to split on some.

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