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  1. The blueing salts came to over twice the price per pound .
  2. Thanks Raymond!. The chain was a gift from my wife.
  3. Thanks Guys!. JD I'm glad you noticed the tanto aspect. I got to handle a couple of Jesus Hernandes' tantos at CanIron a while back. I was impressed about just how much the blade presence feels like a weapon. I tried to capture some of that here.
  4. Thanks a bunch guys. It really has me stoked to do a 19th century piece sometime. Oh, and the Runes are old Turkish and are meant to be read back to front.
  5. Here are a couple more. If you would like to see more pics I have several others loaded onto my facebook work page. My link I've just edited this to mention that the runes are old Turkish and are read back to front.
  6. Hello I am considering getting the minimum 400 lb order of Houghton Draw Temp 275. Are there any folks in Canada who are interested in splitting on a batch? Looks like the price will be 3 dollars a pound. Jeff
  7. I think Dave said it best right here.
  8. Awesome work Jesus! I love the whole package. Very elegant and very inspiring. It remindes me I have a katana to make some day. Is that alloy banding I am seeing, or is it maybe a trick of the light?
  9. I have prevously tried using veg oil for tempering but it was a disgusting mess. Houghton has a mar quench oil but the flash point is also way too low. I was mostly wondering if industry has synthesised something for this purpose yet.
  10. oooo I am looking forward to watching this progress. A drum forge might be on my list of thinhs to build .
  11. Thats looking like option number one. Is ther any risk of the salts etching the blades on a tempering soak?
  12. Is there an oil I can use for tempering that won't smoke like mad around 500-600 deg?
  13. I am looking for low temp salts in Canada. Anyone have any ideas? Houghton will be happy to send me 400 lbs or so but I just don't need that much.
  14. Thanks everyone Alan. I actually thought about you while I was making this piece. There is something that has a 19th century feel about this that I would like to further explore someday. Maybe I should make a hybrid of this and a bowie. John, Sorry I missed your question. The handle will be carved African Blackwood.
  15. This is beautiful! I love it! It is like you have taken the Arts and Crafts movement to to the Arts and Crafts AND Dragons movement. Which is how it should have been to begin with.
  16. Thanks Josh! The silver is inlayed.
  17. Here is an Indo-Persian inspired knife that has been kicking my butt for a bit. I am finaly happy with the way things are going. The blade is wootz provided by out very oun Ric Furrer. The rest is engraved and aged silver. I will share beter pictures when it is finished.
  18. J. Helmes

    Charcoal tattoo

    I've had some decent sucess with a charcoal tattoo. I found it worked well to make a paste out of charcoal and alcohol. Then to apply the "ink" I embeded two needles into a stick. The needles were maybe 1.5mm appart. This sort of functioned like a fountain pen in that it kept the tips of the needles covered all the time. J- I'm glad you posted Eriks name. I have been trying to find his name for awhile now. His work looks awesome
  19. great work Petr. I love that sheath.
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