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  1. That is some really really great work! I love that sword.
  2. Thank you guys! Alan, that is indeed horn Mathew, I am hoping so Myles, It is a bit deceving, the edges are over 2mm thick and to compensate, I ground in a deep wide fuller. I understand that these swords often had little to no fuller so I am thinking that this would acuratly represent a sword from the period in regards to handling. It weighs 2 lb 6 oz.
  3. Here is a sparing blade with a Behmer type 6 hilt. To compensate for the thick edges I ground a deep fuller in. The sword isn't assembled yet, but I can never wait for that to share the pics. Jeff
  4. Thanks for all of the kind words guys. I appreciate them. Dave, I made a wooden core then glued leather risers to it. Then I covered it in leather and worked the leather around the risers.
  5. Thanks Paul! It would have been nice to have gotten some forge time in.
  6. Here is the Ingelrii I have been working on , all finished up. Jeff
  7. Try Rob Martin, just google THAK.
  8. That is some serously slick work Petr! I love the idea.
  9. Excelent Petr. I want this one.
  10. Sweet work Alan! I have tried running the grain of the wrought perpendicular to the length of the spear. It made a big difference in that it was not so eager to split during formation.
  11. Awsome work Owen. Really awsome!
  12. Power hammer! above and beyond a grinder any day of the week
  13. This of course, is the issue I am faced with. I can ship it. I just cant insure it.
  14. Thanks Ric The folks at UPS FEDEX etc, basically talked to me like I was some kind of criminal, meanwhile the people at the RCMP head office, and the US Embassy and Canada Post seemed to think everything was just fine. Weird. I am going to use Canada Post but They only cover up to 1000 so I need more coverage.
  15. Also FedEx, UPS, and Prioroty Courier will not let me ship through them.
  16. I am trying to ship a sword from Canada into the US. Can anyone recomend an insurance company that will give me coverage on a one off basis?
  17. That was a really great video John. Awsome work as well. I'm guessing there is a new case of shop envy around now.
  18. Here are the belt fittings and chape. Jeff
  19. Thanks again for the compliments guys! Here are a few more progression shots. Jeff
  20. Incredible work ! It is always nice and humbling to see your creations Jake.
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