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  1. Ok, I wasn’t going to post anymore on this topic, but it seems I stirred a can of worms. My original post was with the intent of finding information on what being a member entails. I have never stated I wanted, nor expected anything for free. My issue with the ABS is simple. I want what I paid for. I am referring to the items bought from the store. I do not have an issue with the yearly dues. Don did a fine job of explaining the purpose of membership, and the function of the ABS in general. I have been a member of several other organizations. Some have required services in return, and some have not. Some have offered discounts on things, and some have not. I just wanted some information. The ABS website leaves many unanswered questions, (like contact phone numbers, or email addresses). Thanks to the forum members, many of those questions have now been answered. I apologize if this has become an argument between the ABS supporters, and non-supporters. That was never my intent. I still have not received the items I ordered. But I have found other resources to pursue that problem. My questions have been answered. Dan
  2. Thanks Don, cdent, Jake and Deker, Thanks for responding, and answering many of my questions. I honestly didn’t start this topic to complain about the ABS. I was aware that they are trying to promote bladesmithing. That much was clear from the website. But, that’s about it. The website does not go into any detail other then offering classes, and shows. I was simply looking for more information on what the membership entails. I like the idea of a guild; after all, I did pay for a membership. The lack of communication has been my only real concern. As I stated earlier I also purchased items from the ABS store, seven weeks later, still nothing. I don’t think anybody likes the idea of sending money in for goods, and not receiving them. A simple reply to my emails would eliminate my concerns. I have learned much from reading the forums here. I am constantly amazed at the level of skill and knowledge. I also have a lot of respect for the members here. I in no way meant to ruffle any feathers. Don, you answered most of my questions about the ABS. I really appreciate your reply, and what you do for the knife community. I wont pursue this topic any longer. Thanks all who replied, I have the answers I was looking for. Dan
  3. Thanks everyone for your responses. Your replies only confirm what I'm starting to think. I would feel different if I had a response from my emails, but nothing yet. As far as I can tell you don’t need to be a member to attend classes. And, their website doesn’t say if there is a discount for members or not. The classes do sound good, and many people have posted how much they learned and enjoyed them. I really don’t know what to think at this time. I was originally under the impression that the ABS was the "All Powerful" bladesmithing organization. The fact that they accept your money, then not respond to emails is not a good thing. It makes me wonder what the yearly dues really go towards. It would be nice if a long-term member could reply, and maybe answer some of the questions myself and others have asked. I would hate to consider it a $60.00 lesson learned the hard way. Dan
  4. Bob and Owen, Thanks for the replies. I'm starting to think I should have asked a few questions before joining. It is a little disheartening not hearing anything back from them after 7 weeks,(this includes items ordered from their store). I like the idea of working towards certain standards, if for no other reason then to help motivate me to make better blades. I'm not sure about paying $60 for a few newsletters each year, if that's the only benefit. Thanks again for the replies Dan
  5. Thanks Stephan for the reply. The reason I'm asking these questions is I signed up for a membership last November. Its been 7 weeks and the only thing I've received is the automated receipt for payment. I don't know if I should have heard something or received anything from them. I have emailed them, but haven't had any response yet. Please don't take this as a complaint. I'm just curious if I missed something. Thanks again, Dan
  6. Hello, My name is Dan. I have been making knives for about 15 years, mostly stock removal. I started forging about 1 year ago and am completely addicted to it. I have a question about the American Bladesmith Society. What do you get, or what are the benefits of joining. The website doesn't really explain the benefits, other then offering classes which anyone can attend. If someone could briefly explain what the membership is all about, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks, Dan W.
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