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  1. @gerald boggs, I use nothing special for my pics: an old digi: Canon Powershot S5 IS, F/8 +matching time, tripod, 2 external lights like these: http://www.amazon.de/Fotostudio-Studioleuchte-Studiolampe-H%C3%B6hestellbare-Lampenstativ/dp/B00WO4M0OY/ref=sr_1_11?s=ce-de&ie=UTF8&qid=1459770052&sr=1-11&keywords=fotolampe. my software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 @jonathan sibley, yep, I found it! not so strange to find things like that in a knifemaker-shop... gerhard
  2. thank you all for your kind posts, I`m glad you like nightmares too... @welsey alberson, the bronzeparts at the front and rear of the handle are built from two siver-soldered halfes, then fitted to the bone. @alveprins, yep, ebony is one of my first-choice gripmaterial, but then I found that dirty old bone and knew what to do. best regards gerhard
  3. hi all, after a long break I`d like to show you another knife, I built it last winter. steel: W1 guard: steel and bronce seacow-rib length: 35cm blade only: 21cm thickness: 5,0-1,5mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  4. thank you all for posting! I`m glad you like this bowie! gerhard
  5. hi all, one of my best customers ordered a new bowie (design: free) he is a friend of fantasy-literature and owns amongst others this one: http://www.messerforum.net/showthread.php?91089-BLACK-DRAGON so I decided to try it in a matching style. the special hamon created the name `DROGONS EYES`. some specs: W1 forged guard: steel/bronze ebony leathersheath length:30cm 16cm blade thickness: 6,0-2,0mm and now have fun, thanks for looking! gerhard
  6. thank you too! @john rigoni, this texture is the remaining forged surface.
  7. thank you all for your congratulations, I appreciate them so much! @wesley alberson, the guards are not cast, they are ´carved´ out of a solid piece . gerhard
  8. hi all, this fighter was built on order. as a pair ´Black & White´ together with this one: http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=30798&hl= I won `Best of Show´ at the show in solingen last weekend. some specs of the black fighter: blade: W1 forged guard: steel darkened ebony leathersheath length 39cm blade only 23cm thickness 6,0-2,0mm and finally the fotos... tnaks for scrolling down...! gerhard
  9. thank you all for posting, I`m glad you like this project with its provoking theme! @C Craft, the forged fullers are sandblast, brushed with a steelwire and stained, then I polished the rest as usual. @Wesley Albertson, these ´fangs´ are short bronce-rods, matching the diameter of the fullers. it was impossible (...for me) to make such an complicated slot with a lathe- so I had to do it the ´redneck-engeniering´- way... I´m happy that it worked ( and looks) so well. @kevin the prof, you nailed it with your words: `` It makes me feel things. ´´ that was my intention. g
  10. hi all, ´MEMENTO MORI` was the theme for this project. reflections about life and death were important for people round the world and through all centuries: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memento_mori many examples in arts and tombstones show it. this is my interpretation in form of a maroccan dagger (koummya, a north-african variation of the jambiya) dagger: W1 with forged fullers bronce ebony total 43cm, blade 23cm display: ebony black and white rose: bronce redheart/chokte kak tombstone: wrought iron antique hourglass thanks for looking ...and remember: memento mori! gerhard
  11. @einar, thanks for posting! the texture is done with dremel and inserts, then brushed with a rotating steelwire. gerhard
  12. thank you all for your posts, much appreciated! gerhard
  13. hi all, here is another dagger, I built it for a good customer. W1 forged bronze-guard walrus (with CITES) total: 30cm blade 17cm thickness 5,0-2,0mm leathersheath thanks for looking! gerhard
  14. thank you all for your kind words! I appreciate it! gerhard
  15. thank you too for posting! @dave, to form steel with my bare hands- would be one of my darest dreams... but until this will be reality I´m the ol´guy in the family with permanently black hands...sort of addict of dremeling, filing and sanding the whole day long... gerhard
  16. thank you all for your posts! I`m glad you like this knife! gerhard
  17. hi all, here is a little integral with some Art-Nouveau-carvings, I built it for my next show in solingen. W1 forged hardened with hamon desert ironwood length 23cm blade only 10,5cm thickness 3,8-1,5mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  18. thank you all for posting! I`m glad you like this ´dark´ tool... gerhard
  19. hi all, the ´BLACK KNIGHT` was built for one of my customers. some specs: W1 forged diff. hardened guard steel blued ebony length 36cm blade only 22cm thickness 7,0-2,0mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  20. thank you all for so many postings! it´s much appreciated! gerhard
  21. thank you all for your positive echo, I appreciate it! @GEzell, ´standstill is backwardstep!´ an old saying, but so true-
  22. thank you all for your posts! @kevin, this one was a clayless quench in polymer like so many others before. and like so many others before it has its different look... but I´m really happy, what came out here. @caleb, the spine shows the remaining forged surface, sandblast and brushed with a rotating steelbrush.
  23. hi all, this fighter was built for a good customer: W1 forged and diff. hardened bronze walrus-ivory (with CITES) total: 37cm - 14 1/2 ´´ blade only: 22cm - 8 1/2´´ spine: 5,8-2,0mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  24. @ZGS, cool bowie! ...cool enough for a new own thread: most guys here know my bowie and will not open this thread again, because there is a new post after several weeks. gerhard
  25. wieland


    cool idea! a typical ´tönu´! good luck for your exhibition! gerhard
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