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  1. thank you all for posting, I´m glad you like it! gerhard
  2. hi all, here is a new bowie, built for my next show (and already gone...) W1 with 1,05%C forged and diff. harneded wrought iron and bronze desert ironwood length 40cm blade only 26,5cm thickness 5,5-2,0mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  3. wieland


    thank you all for the flowers- much appreciated! @gary mulkey, BTW: What did you quench it in? Gary I used a polymer-quench ( about 7% concentration) @kevin, thank you for this honour to be mentioned with don fogg! but- this is MY deepest conviction- nobody will reach his class in art and his shaping influence for us. gerhard
  4. wieland


    hi all, here is my new kukri, I built it on order for one of my customers: W1 forged and differentially hardened wrought iron ebony lenght 40cm thickness 7,0- 5,0mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  5. thank you too for posting! ...now I could reply: I must do it my way, because I´m not good enough at the required techniques for making correct historical pieces... it´s a never ending path.... gerhard
  6. thank you all for your kind posts- I appreciate it! @kevin the prof, I dont believe that I´m a ´brave´ craftsman... but I know, that I have to do the things always ´my way´... somehow ´out of the box´. I use wroughtiron very often- in deed, this is my ´first´ using steel (D2) for the guard, cause I found it more matching the clean ricasso without scale. @dragoncutlery, this surface is done with a coarse insert in the dremel, then brushed with a rotating steel-wire, then stained. gerhard
  7. hi all, this dagger was built on order for a good customer. his only ´preconditions´ were the maximum-length, grenadill for the grip and steel for the guard, and: build me a ´wielandish´ dagger! I like orders like these...! W1 forged guard D2 stained grenadill length 30cm blade only 17cm thickness 5,5-2,0mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  8. thank you too for posting, I appreciate it so much! gerhard
  9. thank you all for your kind words, I`m glad you like my knives, especially these art nouveau pieces! it is and will remain my favorite style... gerhard
  10. hi all, seems I became a bit lazy- my last topic was in april... time for some pictures of an ´art nouveau inspired´ knife, it was an order and sold at my last show. W1 forged, dif. hardened bronze walrus (with CITES) length32cm sharp 16cm thickness 5,0-2,0mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  11. thank you all for such a lot of posts- Iappreciate it so much! @peter johnsson, peter, you are wellcome! see you this weekend! gerhard
  12. thank you, guys, for such an echo- it´s overwhelming to me! and: even if I said:´nevermore such a work...!´ after finishing this piece, this echo makes me think: ´may be..?´ gerhard
  13. thank you all for these many posts and kind words, I appreciate it so much! @tsterling, tom, I hope you are right- to become a vise ol´boy... no bad goal! @richard, yep, it will be on my table next weekend. @matt todd, I carved it cold, I used a matching bronze-tube with enough thickness. best regards gerhard
  14. hi all, this one is ´a bit different´ to my usual work- so- why did I make it? -the raven is one of my favorite animals, I admire his cleverness and the ability to learn. -and he plays the mainpart in this poem: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Raven to create an hommage to the poem of e.a.poe was a longtime-brainstorming, but finally I got an imagination how to portray the nightmare of that poor young man. the knife: W1 with forged T-spine bronze-skull carved, not cast ebony 39cm long feather and shield: wood and bronze the display: ash-wood and moose
  15. I´ll see you in solingen! gerhard
  16. thank you all for posting! I`m glad you like it, seems it hits the taste of men too...;-) gerhard
  17. hello together, this little integral was made for a good friend, he gave it to his wife at her 60th birthday. W1 forged and differentially hardened bronze preban-ivory with CITES length 16,5cm sharp 7,0cm thickness 3,0-1,0mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  18. thank you all for this huge feedback, I really appreciate it! @raymond, the same here with your knives...! @don fogg, Thank you don. It means a lot coming from you! @christopher makin, ´the carved detail´ is the surface of the integral-part- right? it is done with dremel and a coarse rotating insert. best regards! gerhard
  19. hello together, this integral was my last order for 2013, now it´s done before christmas- and after the holidays I´ll play a bit with steel...just for fun and just for me! some specs to the knife: W1 forged ebony total-length 33cm sharp 18cm thickness 5,5-1,5mm merry christmas! gerhard
  20. @ darren & mschneider, thank you too for your kind words! gerhard
  21. thank you all for posting! @c craft, sorry, no source for this wood- the chinese use it in their traditional medicin, you can buy it....but only in homeopathic measures...to small for knifemaking, even for miniatures. @miles, please plant many chicken, when the harvest is good, I`ll buy some handles!! :-)))
  22. hi all, curious? what do you think? no- nothing with voodoo and no brandnew super-special-chicken-killer! I named this knife ´bloody chicken´ due to the name of the wood. a very small and not marked piece came as an addition with a delivery of asian woods to a german wood-supplier, an experienced carver identified it as ´chickenblood-wood´....... probably. my customer- a wood-supplier for knifes- got two pieces for handles, the carver used the remainder. it´s an extremly rare wood of a sort of wine and comes from china/vietnam: http://www.hobbithouseinc.com/personal/woodpics/chicken%20blood
  23. thank you all for posting, I`m glad you like this knife! @josh burrell, beginning with round stock the bolster is forged roughly oval, then ground with the grinder, the grooves are done with files. gerhard
  24. hello together, this plain integral was sold at my last show: W1 forged bronze-spacer desertironwood length 24cm sharp 11cm spine 3,5-1,5mm leather-sheath thanks for looking! gerhard
  25. wow, such an echo- the skull-carving effort was a success...! thank you all for posting!! @phil ullrich, yep, it is done mostly with the dremel. I made the patina with an oxidating-fluid from a jewellery/goldsmith-supplier. each evolution runs in steps...so here also: after many hours of carving I thought: OK, it´s done, stop here! >> fotos taken and relaxed! two days later after a closer look: NO, to abstract and with the look of a blind chicken... >>> back to the bench and the dremel! after more hours of carving: OK, NOW it is ok! >&
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