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  1. raymond, thank you for your info! I`m sure, my next osage-handle will be finished like that- your grip looks really `well seasoned`! :-) gerhard
  2. raymond, both are somehow different, but typical `richards`: clean, perfectly built and styled! I admire your work since I`ve seen the first of your knives! how old is this piece osage- how do you seal it? is it possible to `age` it quickly? the osage, I own, is `only`yellow and has nothing of these rich colours like dark honey in your handle. I fear, I have no patience- greetings gerhard
  3. karl, these eight knives and some sparkling lights- my christmastree would need no more decoration...:-))) regards gerhard
  4. a slim and flowing knife for every day use with the inlay as a eyecandy... surely always a good feeling to use it regards gerhard
  5. hello together, thank you very much for your comments! @alan: that`s a really good and new idea, to use the buttcap as a personal signet... @j.brown: for the transitions at the ricasso I mostly use files- I work with a disk-grinder for the rough job after forging, sometimes with a belt- grinder too, but for exact flow and curves I prefer my files- so I have more control and time to make a clean job... regards gerhard
  6. hello together, today I want to show you my newest knife- and a rather old one, built in march 2006. the new one- carbonsteel with 0,6% carb, forged differential hardened sambar- dyed and oiled the old one- W1, forged hardened with hamon snakewood hope, you like them... regards gerhard www.wieland-der-schmied.de
  7. alan, no doubt, your forged one has much more character... regards gerhard
  8. nice knife whit fantastic detail- work! very special! regards gerhard
  9. raymond, thanks for your info! hope to see more knives like this... gerhard
  10. richard, this is a really good start out of your new shop. style and shape - absolute authentical! the patina looks great- how is it done? regards gerhard
  11. edgar: the button at the sheath has three layers: on top- wrought iron then kudubone the bottom is copper the wrought iron is laser-welded to the top of such a screw ,you need for a studtype- sheath. kudu and copper ( both have a centerhole) are glued with epoxy under the iron. I hope you understand my ``english``...:-( gerhard
  12. hi murat, the pins are through the erl, of course..... no fake!!!! regards gerhard
  13. this is a perfect package... dynamic lines, unusual but interesting grip, top materials... that`s really worth to a second and third look!!! regards gerhard
  14. thanks everyone! charles + alan: I love this material- because it look similar to mammoth it`s the mammoth to poor boys...;-) keith, what would you have choosen for the grip? generally I prefer wood, too-I have more freedom in shaping my lines... but when I found this bone ,I had to buy it... it had the lines, I imagined for the grip to this blade.. regards gerhard www.wieland-der-schmied.de
  15. rex, this is a stabilised kudu-bone. regards gerhard
  16. hi daniel, that`s a nice sword with a beautiful damascus! regards gerhard
  17. hello together, here is one more knife from germany- my latest oldstyle bowie: steel: W 1 , handforged and hardened with hamon grip: kuduantilope, wrought iron from an old swedish agricultural tool, copper and red fiber. copperpins, domed length overall: 34 cm, blade: 21 cm thickness: 6 - 1 mm, sheat: studetype my pics aren`t the best, I know. but the only ones...after selling the knife and a total computer-breakdown this monday- shit happens! a nice sunday to everybody gerhard www.wieland-der-schmied.de
  18. richard, great to see you forging again! hope to find the pictures with your finished blades here soon... congratulations grehard
  19. don`t worry- I own some of such `double-blade`- knives too...in a big box in the corner of my shop... I have learnt a lot with them- so they are no disaster but a progress! regards gerhard www.wieland-der-schmied.de
  20. hello together, here are some pictures of my latest knives: the hunter- W 1, forged and diff. hardened; amboina, copper; length: 25 cm the necky- W1, forged; olive-wood; length: 15 cm regards gerhard www.wieland-der-schmied.de
  21. a really powerfull and flowing chopper- I like it! greetings gerhard www.wieland-der-schmied.de
  22. hello, thankyou very much for the sincere wellcome and your comments to my work! @ stephan: there is no story behind my touchmark, but it shows a lot of -for me- important things: my family, my love to the north and paddling , the cross in the sun, it means my christian religion. @ raymond: you are right, i can`t ( and won`t) deny the goldsmith in me... in the german knife-forum I have seen a lot of achim w.`s great work, but i did not meet him until now. @ J. arthur: thanks to my parents for this name... I`m sure, I`ll never get so skilled like my namesake
  23. hello together, I`m the new guy here- one more from ol`germany. my name is gerhard wieland, 56 years old and two years young in bladesmithing. my professions are goldsmithing and dental technique. after a few years with stockremoval in the 1980-ies I began bladesmithing in fall 2004. since then I`m learning by trying... after several months of reading and admiring this forum- it`s really the best of all- I`m now here! the pictures show two of my knives: the first is W1, amboina and wrought iron the second W1, too, and blackwood please, let me know, what you think abou
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