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    Ginkgo 2

    hello together, this knife is one more ´hommage à ginkgo´- I really like these trees with their unique leaves! W1 forged diff. hardened koa length 24cm sharp 11cm thickness 3,0-1,5mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  2. thank you all for your kind words, I appreciate it! cheers gerhard
  3. thank you guys for your posts, I`m glad you like my knife! @JM Wands, the shaping of the ricasso is done with files and dremel, sanded, then blast with fine korund and etched in Fe3Cl. gerhard
  4. hi all, this little hunter was built on order: W1 forged pre-ban ivory length 21cm sharp 10cm thickness 3,0-1,5mm ...and yes, it has a sheath, but I forgot to take pictures thanks for looking! gerhard
  5. @ salem straub & maddmason, thanks for posting and your compliments! gerhard
  6. @ john & nate, a WIP... I´m quite busy the next months... but let´s see what the fall will bring- gerhard
  7. thank you too for posting, I´m glad you like my knife! @tönu, thanks for the facebook-link! see you in solingen? gerhard
  8. @ todd, dustin & darren, thank you too for your kind words! gerhard
  9. thank you all for taking time to post and your kind words! I´m glad you like my knife! kevin, thanks for your comment: that´s a perfect defination of my intentions when I make a knife... best regards gerhard
  10. hi all, this knife is a ´hommage à ginkgo´ the leafs of this tree are so unique and fascinating to me... W1 forged bronze-leaf striped gidgee total 29cm sharp 10cm thickness 5,5-1,5mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  11. @peter, thank you for your kind words! gerhard
  12. hi joe, you can fill the ´notch´ with clay for the quench... polymer-quench results in a downswept-curve, not into an upswept-curve with water. don´t ask me why... but here are the specialists: http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=1794&view=&hl=polymer&fromsearch=1 post #5 and the following. gerhard
  13. thank you all for posting! @ john, thanx for your explanation of the spanish notch. it is cut with a jewelery-saw, then rounded and smoothed with jewelery-files before hardening. @joe pierre, no oil-quench (a water/polymer mixture) no risk-no fun.... gerhard
  14. hi all, this sort of ´sunday-chopper´ was built for my last show this year- and there it was the first to be sold. blade: W1, forged habaki / guard: bronze/steel grip: grenadill-wood total: 36cm blade only: 22cm thickness: 6,5-2,5mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  15. wieland

    A knife

    hi tönu, ´a knife´? yes, but a ´tönu-knife´!! your sense for tradition, your visions and your skill are unbelievable. you had this knife in solingen- right? no matter, if it was a similar- it impressed me totally! kudos! gerhard
  16. aaron & marcel54, thanks for your posts! marcel: you nailed it- direct hit...! gerhard
  17. thank you all for your kind words! @tomas rucker, absolutely right- these knives need better lightning...and a better fotografer! those wicked glossy and curvy surfaces are to tricky for me, fotography is a craft I never lerned, unfortunatelly. @bill hofmann, you hope that the scrimshander is as good as mine?? I´m sure he will be much better than I, he´s one of the tops in his art! I hope he will take prof-pictures with the scrims. @mike t smith, the guards are forged wrought-iron, then shaped with a sort of ´dremel´- no wax, no casting! best regards gerhard
  18. ...living in perfect harmony. these bowies were an order for a german scrimshander. it was a very interesting (...and demanding) challenge to get them equal- but everything worked well- even the two hamon turned out similar. the wooden sheaths were a ´first´ for me. some specs: W1 forged wrought iron bronze mammoth/waterbuffalo total 36cm blade 23cm thickness 6,5-2,omm sheaths: ebony mammoth/buffalo bronze thanks for looking! gerhard bronze
  19. thank you all for your kind words! @alan, ´wieland is an old guy with allways dirty fingers, if you hadn´t noticed yet!´ @vaughn T, good point! that´s my intention to create my knives as useful tools AND as a so beautiful/imaginative/stylish piece, that you want to use it. @troy, you should find ´fossile stellar´ at a dealer, who sells oosic, walrus-ivory and so on... @stuart, my makers mark? here are some thoughts about it: http://www.wieland-der-schmied.de/01_3_portrait_en.html best regards gerhard
  20. hello together, here is a new one of my series ´BIG TOYS FOR BIG BOYS´: the bowie ´the guardian´ some specs: W1 forged wrought iron fossil seacow-rib total 41cm blade 27cm thickness 6,5-2,2mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  21. @howard, the father of my swedish friend established the forge, his son, blacksmith too, doesn´t use that big hammer any more, he has two smaller hammers inside the shop for his craft. gerhard
  22. a few fotos of canoe-trips, taken in sweden and norway during several years. gerhard
  23. @ greg, those coils come from about 120 years old wooden tubes of an watercraft-system in the coppermines area near falun. these tubes are built like wooden casks with iron-rings every 2 foot, diameter of the tubes 5foot... the coils are sometimes round 1´´ or rectangular with a cross of 1´´ x 2,5´´ the used wrought iron is very fine, nearly without slack-layers. it is very soft and welds perfectly. some picts :
  24. hi all, some fotos of an old forge somewhere in the ´outback´ of sweden. the owner is sort of a swedish ´off the grid´- guy, I met him some years ago and we made a deal -german scythes / swedish wrought iron- since then I visit him, when I´m in the country. during the winter he forges for museum-shops, in the summer he is farming, charcoal-burning, he teaches hand-reaping with scythes. he converted his old peugeot-pickup into a wood-carburator, you see his ´fuel´-stock all around the forge. he cant throw away anything, neither wood nor iron, most things get a second life... ger
  25. @jake, marcel & chritsopher, thanks for your posts! @christophe & marcel, perhaps I can ´polish up´ the bad image of subhilts a bit- they offer so many chances for carving, styling and creating... gerhard
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